Let's bring some of the weapons back!

The gears franchise typically does a great job with making weapons, but some of my favorite addition have been forgotten.

The scorcher is chief among them. That little pig was absolutely amazing and had the best execution of any weapon they’ve ever released.

Mortar was great for laughs, and a great way to displace campers.

Digger was great too. Also great to displace campers. Plus getting a “chesty” as my friends and I called it was outstanding.

Those are my favorites. Frankly I don’t see why almost weapons get cut, but I understand you don’t want to just release the same thing ever game. But like Gorgon was a great burst pistol. Ink grenade is basically shocks now, but the sound and color of ink was better IMO. Or maybe they should just include some of the special “relic” weapons they hid around the campaign like the relic torque bow,

End of day though honestly I just want my flame thrower back


Truthfully I believe why some weapons got cut for this particular entry is because we are 25 years after the war and those weapons probably got lost somewhere. Lame explanation, I know, but the ammo for those weapons would be quite limited. As for relic weapons of those, that would be an intriging idea.

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The ink grenade and the digger were living locusts I believe so at the end of Gears 3 they got destroyed, so it makes sense that they don’t exist anymore. I would like to see the scorcher return though, always made people runaway when they saw me with it proceeding to make me giggle like a maniac


Lol the scorcher laugh is a REAL thing and I love it so much!

I get the idea that maybe those things don’t make sense canonically in the game but I don’t really mind if canon is ignored in multiplayer games. I want destruction and I don’t care how I get it!

Exactly as I said as well I mean 25 years and you gotta think they threw this things down into giant holes with the cystalized locust obviously natures gonna mess with the weapon and break them or cover them or etc over time and then ammo as well because the COG were not allowed to use locust weaponry unless they had to so ammo for it would be hard 25 years later as well etc.

Maybe One shot could make sense as the Cog could possibly put it back in production for the bigger swarm and Mortars could be put back on the line as well but maybe a new more DeeBee look or something I mean I get why the Mortar is gone I mean its a destructive weapon and would not be needed in settlements and such as DeeBees mainly used Shock Weaponry but now with the swarm it has a possible reason to come back?

Scorcher could return if maybe a common swarm type that has a weakness of fire appeared having the COG put the scorcher into production to further handle against that type?

As for EX Locust weapons I can´t see the original Gorgon coming back BUT the Swarm could take Talons and form them into a gorgon like pistol but with a Talon look but still have that put together vibe?

Breechshot can return possibly as I mean a type of markza still exist but it would be slightly different
Or a Longshot/Embar type Breechshot instead

Boomshield could be like Car doors or scrap metal or something instead of the folding shield the locust made I mean the swarm whenever they make weapons it seems to be very rushed/scrap like

Digger and Ink are Biological and the materials needed to make them died (THe ammo)

Just stuff of the top of my head that could semi make sense possibly.

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I miss the gears 2 hammer burst. The one that fired as fast as you pulled the trigger and had iron sights. I used that over the lancer back then.

I do miss the gorgon but the talon is essentially the same thing so that’s cool.

I do miss the ink grenades. I like to call them “Dirty bombs”

Last but not least, the boomshields

Do you mean the Gears 3 Hammerburst because it sounds like you are referring to that and if so y e s
I loved that thing so much.

Maybe it was also in gears 3 but I know it was introduced in gears 2. When they went back to the burst fire hammer burst I didn’t use the weapon anymore.

Agreed I mean the only time I use it is when I use a character that uses it in arcade.

If Im engineer in horde Ill drop the enforcer for a HB but only until I find a claw.

I can and cannot see why they have this hammer variant now though I mean for the first years of the war it was the burst etc but near the end the locust went oh hey guys what if we like gave it iron sights and this is this and th- then they all had those style hammerburst but when the war ended and crystals and weapons got thrown down that means those hammers went down and so did the burst ones but the swarm went hmmm I take burst leave others despite the fact the burst would probably be in worse condition as they are older but they took them anyway despite the gow 3 style probably being in betterish condition then the old burst

and I get that the cog use the hammer now despite old cog rule of enemy weapons so that could be an excuse but the swarm were DOWN there with the weapons and had the gow 3 as an option and went nope
(Although I do remember it being OP so that is also a highly plausible reason of why)

I would like to see gears 6 be a overhaul of fan service since it’s most likely will be the last gears game with all the weapons from previous gears games and characters and the best maps from every game.

Id like that too but when it comes down to what the fans want and what makes more money, TC is naturally going to go with more money cause it’s a business.
I would like a game mode where we have ALL the weapons from every gears game.

Fan service sells so does nostalgia. TC would be making so much more money if they exploited that by idk putting classic Baird in the iron store instead of Keegan with hair.

Scorcher is up there for me as well. Definitely more satisfying than the cryo cannon. I’d like to see the Gorgon pistol back as well. Also why hasn’t the HoD been in MP for a few games?

I liked the gorgon pistol

digger digger , miss you

How could I forget the One Shot :slight_smile:

Because it was offline in the story after 3
Excludes Judgment and Ultimate edition as it was there since those games take place before 3

It was nice but probably cant return as the ammo it used was biological and died off