Lets beat the dead horse ( MOVEMENT)

Well. Since the last question and answer on the developers stream was asking about speeding up the movement and the answer was

IM here to bring the b.s. back up. I was under the assumption that tc was planning to speed the game back up.
Im sorry but its still slow and i do not like it. I dont like the cool downs. I don’t like the delays before shooting if you bounce and cancel twice on the same wall.( you cant shoot) I dont like the NO REGEN when bouncing etc etc.
I WANT THE BOOST BACK. And this isnt about hyper bouncing just to do it. This is about trying to survive with movment and taking cover more than anything else. I dont like the shooting delay if u roadie strafe

In 2 v 2. And ur teammate goes down. U are literally screwed if you arnt close to atleast one enemy to hurry up take out. If you dont. The opposing team will just stay back and poke the hell out of you from both sides. Thts just one reasoning.

Bouncing more often than not gets u killed now.
I honestly thought this was apparent with all the complaints.
Just because you havnt seen complaints about it. Doesnt mean people are happy with the state of the movement.

I would like for TC to do an honest poll about what the fans want. Op. 2 movement or operation 3 movement


The game literally plays faster than Gears 4. People streamed Gears 4 yesterday and it was clear as day that Gears 5 was faster feeling no matter what anyone says.

Slow it down further PLEASE

The real problem is the gnasher blindfires being too easy which makes you feel like your movement is not as effective.

Make the shotgun more skillful and harder to use PLEASE


It doesnt matter what gears 4 looks like. Im talking about how it plays in gears 5. Ryan clearly said gears 5 launch was significantly slower than 4. Then they sped it up in operation 2 and then slowed it down more than launch aside from strafing. Im not going to download gears 4 just to prove my point. U can bounce faster in gears 4


You can’t prove it. Gears 5 overall is faster. They made the roadie run faster in this game so you close the distance faster. The only thing they nerfed in OP 3 was the ability to Up-A like a maniac.

And you are missing my point. The easier to use shotgun is the real culprit which makes your movement capabilities feel diminished.

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I think this is a huge contributor to the feel of slower movement speed. I understand that the aim assist and magnetism is close to or the same as previous games, but I swear, it feels like you barely need to aim in this Game sometimes. I don’t know if it’s latency related or something else, but I will sometimes “miss” the shots I hit, and get kills on the shots I outright miss.

Then there are the instances where players will just blindfire in cover not even looking at you and somehow miraculously land a perfect shot.


The way it works is just built for noobs man. It’s horrible mechanical design and somehow someway its just easier.
I dont know if it’s the way our characters hold a shotgun, the way the shotgun shoots mechanically, the positioning of the games camera or a combination of different things but it’s just too easy to use man.

Also the easiest aspect of the shotgun is blindfires and oddly enough LTs arent even good to do compared to past games. It’s mainly the blindfires. It’s pretty weird and out of wack tbh.

Gow4 movement feels crisp and effective.

G5 movement feels sludgy and ineffective. Reduce sensitivities by 60% and this movement would be fine, foe fights. With sensitivities, it just doesnt work…


lower sensitivities could benefit the game a ton. probably a cap at 25 would be good.

Check this video and tell me it’s not proof that gears 5 IS SLOWER ALL ROUND.

It’s by a guy called @Livo and just to make it easy for you there is time stamps in the description.

Enjoy :wink:


YeH, 25 is nothing. When gears had slow movement which worked ok sensitivites were what? 10?

I am not too sure to be quite honest. But I feel if they made the max 25, it would be a good middle ground. It would still allow freedom while bringing back some structure.

I was also under the impression that TC wasn’t done tweekin the movement. @TC_Octus that’s the problem just because people stop complaining TC says and thinks everything is alright, when we keep complaining we are a bunch of whining a** Bxxxtxs. I can live with the speed as is.(Rather have it faster) But this delay to shoot coming off cover and off a bounce is ridiculous. Nothing happens when you pull the trigger. TC also states if you complete the slide the delay isn’t really there, by than you can completely track a person and kill them because the slide cover speed been reduced. I also been going back to 4 here and there. Seems like that type of play Style doesn’t exist in 5, When TC goal was to have multiple different types of play styles in 5. I’ve been playing 5 a whole lot since launch pretty much every day when I can. Recently I’ve been going back to 4 to get that fix. It’s seem like gears 5 has finally ran it’s course with me. My only really true goal in 5 ATM is re up 20 for the achievement I’m at 15. I feel once I reach that I’m done with 5 unless major improvements are made and the new Ranking system is legit if not it’s honestly time to move on.

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The reason why the different type of play styles are diminished is because this games gun fights rely heavily on blindires only. Only having one main way to shoot your shotgun is why the playstyles are being limited and hurt. Please fix the unbalance. @TC_Octus

Why was shotgun rate of fire increased from Gears 4 to Gears 5? It was also unnecessary and perhaps just adds to the easiness.



The fact we are even having this discussion is a problem.

GOW’s main appeal (as opposed to every other game on the market) is how crisp and fast the movement in Gears is, so if anything Gears should always allow for fast movement. Slower movement just means more rifling people from across the map, more camping, less intense gameplay overall.


I’m up for speeding up the movement, slow movement promotes camping. In gears 4 I could easily abuse and outmaneuver someone just waiting behind cover in 5 it’s much less effective.


QfT +1


Where is the video?
I dont see a link. ?

The test I conducted was showed to have a flaw hence why I updated the description of it. The strafe speed isn’t slower.

They messed with the magnetism and everyone complained about it. From pros all the way to people on the forums.