Let's be honest here

TC had 3 years… 3 years to just make a campaign experience, 7 multiplayer maps (the other 5 are recycled) horde yet again most of the things recycled from gears 4. Escape mode which are just like assembly pieces that are the same you just move the pieces around and you get another layout of the same basic pieces… and Versus yet again recycled from 4. After 3 years they deliver a half baked launch game worldwide. Amazing. Where did they spend those 3 years? Cooking microtransactions???


Answered your own question.


Yeah it looks like it :confused:

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“The other 5 are recycled”

Not for TDM.

All we get is 6 out of the 7 new maps total. That’s it.

I just finished the campaign for the first time. Finished it in co-op… For the first time ever playing co op it didn’t disconnect me or crash every 2o mins… Killed the last boss, then it crashed. It’s embarrassing tbh.

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Wait, TDM doesn’t have which two new maps???

Maps in TDM rotation are

Training grounds
The ice level

So 6 maps.

Oh, vasgar isn’t in there?

Bunker - campy

Training camp, I mean Grounds - campy

Exhibit - new bullet marsh, yikes

District - campy in the middle but not too bad

Asylum - not too bad either

Icebound - an absolute horror

■■■■ it is too…

Ok 7 maps lmao!! Shows just how boring it is to me at the moment

I’m level 70ish

And I can’t even be bothered to remember the maps.

Bunker…worst map ever in Gears.
Training grounds…it’s not too bad
Exhibit…I like this map. Smooth flow
District…plays ok
Icebound can be spawn trap hell
Vasgar…I like the dual longshot each round
Asylum…yet another spawn trap mess

Same, im 70ish and about done with this game

Such a disappointment to me

Hey i know what could solve spawn camping. A single life gametype!


Im enjoying the game so far but have to admit act 2 and Act 3 are similar, they just change the color of the ground

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Oh really? I havent even got to chapter 3 yet. In Cole’s voice: “That’s the new record of lazy”

How long did it take to develop your games? Oh right, you’re just an armchair developer that doesn’t have a clue about developing games.

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Good Lord I thought I was the only one thinking this.

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I dont need to. I get paid to do other stuff. However I’ve seen better games take 2 years to develop with no issues at all and with more content. That speaks volumes though


They only added 3 new guns (the lancer GL doesn’t count as its a lancer) only 7 maps, horde is a copy and paste with locked characters, only 5 playable cog characters in the multiplayer (without the order bonuses) and the only new characters aren’t even characters their re-skins. Even the swarm drone was available at launch in Gears 4 which is now a unlockable through the tour, the tour itself is filled with rubbish nobody cares about like flags and blood sprays and escape is the only real new thing here but it doesn’t hold up to beast which they could have made as you can control the swarm with Jack, so the ability to do it is there. I heard someone from TC compare this to Gears 3 and say how much more content there is (at launch that is) in Gears 5 but when you do a direct comparison to any Gears game really, Gears 5 lacks completely compared to them. There’s even only 4 acts instead of 5 in the campaign which i’m pretty sure is a first for any Gears game. But now the game is actually playable, its fairly enjoyable :+1:

Yeah it definitely lacks content, though I like some improvements made to horde though. I have fun in horde when I dont disconnect unfortunately most of the time I do disconnect. But let’s be real. This game is really close to being a gears 4 Part 2 which sucks because they had 3 years. If it had taken them 2 years to finish I wouldn’t even post this most likely… but 3? Heck

I agree with you on the maps OP. I expect a small studio comprised of like one and a half people and a budget of 2.50 and a Twinkie release a shooter with 6 maps, but a studio owned by one of the biggest corporations known in human history can’t even release a game with 10-12 maps is a bit odd.

Plus, most maps are poorly designed and too campy, which makes most matches dull.

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Care to speak volumes about these others games that have more content and less development time than Gears 5?