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    Allow me start off with establishing credibility involving my Internet connection. I have fiber-optic, which allows my to have download and upload speeds of 1 Gig per sec. This essentially  means that my connection is as fast as my Xbox can handle. I just thought I should bring to light some issues I have noticed in multi-player since day one. The in-game menu has always said (since launch) that I have a 23ms ping and that it is the same as central America, which means I am always matched up with kids from Mexico. This can't be correct, is it??  Matchmaking aside- I have always noticed that your servers favor kids with larger pings. I.E. getting into 1v1 Gnasher fights and only getting 33-85% damage in one hit WITH ACTIVES - while the enemy character is able to "body" me from a noticeable distance in one shot. You may be thinking "Well tell me something I don't know". Well I have noticed over the years, yeah years; it's been that long since launch, that this case en-particular has 100% , always been do to the fact that the enemy character I was fighting, had a noticeably slower Internet connection than I. I.E: A ping of 150ms or higher, while I stay at a cool 23ms. Can you re-assure me that this is being addressed for your upcoming sequel title? or Should I stop playing the series????  

Very Respectfully,


Sorry bro but as long as Gears Fans exist in Mexico, there will ALWAYS be a shared lobby with them.

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Yes, but that doesn’t mean they need to be given an advantage for having a bad connection even if it’s not their fault that it is bad?(although I don’t understand how anyone can play with a ping that constantly spikes into the high triple digit area, to me it just feels nearly unplayable when my connection very rarely does that… but I don’t play Versus so it’s only screwing me over for the most part)


I honestly agree. My ping stays in the 20-30’s and sometimes a little above but Only RARELY does it spike to the 100’s and 200’s and bro let me tell you i have no damn clue how they play like that anyways I’m afraid to move with my ping like that!

Butyeah better internet should have the advantage and it only makes sense!


My home is a server (as people message me to tell me) and I also suffer from fluctuating and high pings.

Me and @Krylon_Blue normally tell when it’s a good lobby and a bad one.


It’s true!!!

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So much wrong with all of this… so much misunderstanding of how networking works.

Where many of you are correct, there is a slight advantage to those with higher ping., its not intentional, its not unique to Gears 4, and its not something developers can choose to include in their games at will.

A few notes…

Your ping shown in the games menu, is simply your ping to that particular server. In this case a Microsoft Azure server.
Just because you have a low ping to a sever, does not mean you are always going to connect to that server, especially in a game with a lower player count.
Low ping is not equal to stable connection. You could have a low ping, but drop 20% of your packets, resulting in what feels like a disadvantage.

Game developers are faced with a unique challenge of making games that accommodate players with all different quality connections, from all different places in the world. As a basic attempt to stabilize things, developers use tools that balance the playing field. Some of these tools include lag compensation, which calculates the players latency and adds/subtracts that time from what their client is reporting to the server. Its certainly far from perfect, but games would likely be unplayable without.

On that topic, there is client side and server side for actions and animations. In gears many of the actions are calculated on the clients side, sent to the server, then redistributed to the rest of the lobby. Take a tickrate of 30hz (30 checks per second), and realize that thats a ton of information to process and make fit into place.

The coalition does not purposefully make high ping players have an advantage, and all games tend to do this.


Who said it does?

I know what server I am playing on because of my ping in game…

So you think my experience is based on this?

I would never tolerate my connection having a 20% packet loss rate.

In fact, it’s super reliable in this instance.

You are talking theory here and bringing up something that yes, would be cause for concern but it’s not the case for us who have explored possibilities at our side.

Exactly, Gears has always had a unique issue with this compared to every other game I’ve played.

Didn’t say they do it on purpose but they definitely allow it to happen.

What Developer comes out and says up to 250ms of latency is acceptable for online play?

And if you knew networking 101 - there’s no way someone pinging 120-150-200-250-400-600-800+ ping should ever be able to compete against someone who’s at 5-20ms ping.

But then there’s Gears that would disagree.


I have to stay this is a peeve of mine.

Last night on Mercy KOTH. They guy was using the mucher. I walk up behind him no joke . placed the gnasher barrel to his head point blank. fire a shot and no kill and no down. Did it a second time and he went down and then a third time for the kill.

I repeated the same but this time i lined up using the target marks and they became red, same thing. mean while i am watch everyone get on shot kills.

I am sure the ping has impact but i am wonder if there is something on my router that is not allowing my shots to register?

On hotel i was at the top of the stairs high ground. player at the bottom. i got off the 1st and second shout and he 2 shot killed me. Really!!!

I am aware that i do miss shots as i get a lil wobbly when 1 v1.

the part that makes me really mad as they think they are so good cause they can sit in the hill ping 180 to 250 and one shot all and rack up kills. then they do the lil dance or wall squat.

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Unfortunately, I think a lot of this just has to do with Gears 4 being at the end of its life. The matchmaking cant worry about making even connection matches because it can even barely find people matches. Im sure Gears 5 when it first arrives (at least) will have a more active population.

I agree on the match making. last night

2 onxy L3 and 2 gold L2 and 1 gold L1 against.

1 silver L2 and 3 bronze L3 and 1 un-ranked

It was just stupid we got destroyed so bad they did not even have to hold the hill. they where going to spawn and looping grenades instant kills.

Okay, you’re right but no other developer using dedicated servers programs a game to such a poor extent as Gears 4. My friends and I, @III_EnVii_III included, will start teleporting and have movement issues when one of these high fluctuation players is fluctuating all over the place. Our pings will be steady, aka no packet loss, sometimes as low as 5ms and we will have issues. Why? That makes no sense! And if that high fluctuation player leaves guess what happens? The lag issues disappear unless he joins again.

You don’t program a game that runs so poorly for others just because a bad connection comes in. We’re not talking about lag compensation technologies that try and even the playing field. We’re talking about trying to compensate to such an extent that the high fluctuation ping, which should NEVER be accepted, is given somewhat of a fair playing field for them at the extent of breaking the game for others. Get off that WiFi and don’t play when your line quality is overloaded. Otherwise, you should suffer without ruining the experience of others.

High ping is one thing. It’s a location issue. Ping fluctuation is a whole different problem and no game should reward these players.


This guy is right tbh, he pretty much summed it up. And as for OP i would honestly not mind having a host connection again but it’s 2019 and its all on dedicated servers now. So it’s much better anyways. They just need to improve and make the servers more stable that’s all.

There’s honestly nothing wrong with the servers.

It’s the games netcode and aggressive lag comp system coupled with TC accepting a connection of up to 250ms is ok.

Please. Give Mexico their own server.

Their internet is some of the worst in the developed world because it’s a straight up monopoly there. It won’t be getting better any time soon.

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Dude, this is kind of my point… some of you guys know just enough to be dangerous. Stable ping in no way insinuates the absence of packet loss. Ping is simply the time it takes for a packet to be sent to a server and received back again. You could be dropping 9 out of 10 packets, and still have a 5 ms ping to the server youre playing on.

I’m not sure if I am misreading this, so forgive me if this response in not appropriate for what your are trying to state. But if you and your friends are warping around, one of three things is happening. A) your connection is not as stable as your think. B) you are not playing on the servers you think you are. C) Microsoft’s servers are overloaded and not working properly (extremely unlikely, but this would affect everyone in the lobby simultaneously). Outside of option C. if you are warping around, it is something to do with your connection to the host server. There is NOTHING that another players high ping can do to make your character warp in this game.

I 100% agree that players with unstable connections should not be allowed to with those who have very stable connections. Perhaps is a bit of semantics, but I don’t think there are being rewarded, just allowed to make us suffer. I may be coming across like a bit of a jerk with my whole response, but please understand, I know your frustration, and specifically, I know the exact kind of players your referring to…The players whose ping will jump from everywhere between 50 and 900, you can’t land a shot on them, but it feels like their barrel is glued to you? I know, and its the reason I stopped playing this game a year ago.

The only reason I even started responding in this thread was just to squash misunderstandings, and hopefully level out expectations. I promise you, there is very little that the Coalition does differently with their netcode than other AAA developers, I think a lot of the mess comes from being a third person shooter which introduces challenges with cameras and character hit boxes, and the fact that the primary weapon in the game is a shotgun (an infamously difficult video game gun to program).

Nah, my connection is stable. These issues only happen in matches where someone is fluctuating rapidly and even @TC_Octus has told me they know this is an issue. If no one is fluctuating we will never see an issue but the moment someone is jumping around it breaks down the whole game. I’d agree with you about it being on my end if it happened in stable matches. Gears is weird because it’s the only game out there that suffers from this and only when others spike all over the place.

Your comments aren’t wrong. But in Gears terms, it’s flawed.

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Yeah, id say you’re correct when it comes to ping not reflecting packet loss, but incorrect about others not being able to determine rather you warp or not - no thats probably not the best way to put it - fluctuating pings definitely alter the behaivor of the serverside code, this tends to cause several issues with random warps being one of them

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You haven’t actually quashed any misunderstandings or brought up/raised any new points or issues.

You’ve just repeated some theory about what could be happening or stated what everyone already knows to be the case.

Your first point/sentence doesn’t actually make sense.

I’ve already discussed the fact that I have run Network Monitors that track packets and reported NO ISSUES over an extended period (couple of weeks, 24/7 monitoring).

This is nothing special. Anyone can do it.

I have also checked my Routers Logs for any issues - it’s very good with reporting Timeouts or any errors including being overloaded, high signal noise and every other possible stat you can measure or check.

The fact that the game can run PERFECTLY when pings are within reason and all on a certain variance proves it’s not connection related IN MY CASE.

I have an entire thread showing it’s not my connection.

It’s the fact that a high ping player can come into a lobby, completely throw off the game with Lag Comp, fluctuate all over the place making it very unpredictable yet that player is given an advantage over the low ping players.

This has nothing to do with dropped packets which you seem to be fixated on.

Also, I highly doubt you will get a solid 5ms connection and start dropping anywhere near 9 out of 10 packets - could happen, absolutely, but with all due respect to others, most have actually looked at their own situation and connection before being able to conclude what it is that causes issues.

You can name anything and I’ve tried it in the past, it’s Gears that’s exclusively affected when there’s a difference of ping outside of what any person would find acceptable.

A). Connection as stated is rock solid.

I’ve done extended and indefinite ping tests on a very robust and accurate Speedtest website that pings servers all around the world continually.

I can let it run for 5 minutes, 30 minutes, 1 hour, 2 hour plus.

Pings are all stable.

Connection quality rating comes back as “A+” - the highest you can get.

The fact that you can go in game and see everyone else’s ping fluctuating, even slightly, and mine being a ROCK SOLID 5ms also backs this up.

B). This is ridiculous.

It’s the easiest thing to do to find out which servers you are on.

The menu shows you the pings of the servers.

You load into a game with a ping.

You just look at the list and as easy as that, within 5 seconds, you know which server you are on.

It’s literally that easy.

C). I’ve never seen this to be the case.

They either work or they go down completely and it’s easy to know when there’s an issue.

The Azure platform is massive and the playerbase shrinks everyday, so there’s less and less strain - not more.

Outside of C). You are completely wrong with this.

Me and @Krylon_Blue have been playing together and literally out of no where EVERYONE will start teleporting and warping - bring up the leaderboard and guess what?

Oh yeah, someone just spiked at over 1,100ms ping!

Again, you offer nothing new or different.

And please, Halo has had a SOLID Shotgun from day 1.

Never have I ever had any issues whatsoever in any Halo game.


This is true and a major problem. The instability of others breaks the match down which as I’m sure anyone would agree this makes no sense. I can understand why the thought process is that it’s on us but it’s really not. Like @III_EnVii_III I’ve done a lot of testing and checks and found no issues. The only constant is that this happens when someone’s ping, not my own though, fluctuates to a high degree. If it was on our end we would see this in stable lobbies too.

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