Let us play ranked with our friends tc

My daily fight with TC.

they’ll never fix it but it won’t stop me complaining.


They want people to play only king of the hill.

Why? I don’t know.

Is it any easier playing with a group? Absolutely NOT.

Anyone can hit masters solo or a group so what’s the big deal. Why can’t we play another mode in squads.

So why? Unsure. They won’t tell us or feel like they’re obligated to tell us.

Feels like a power trip. Someone got too much power & started chopping up modes that have stood over 10 YEARS

Heck you go back to the original gears & all the modes are AVAILABLE, the game is just super dead & the servers are out of commission, it feels.


Some jackass will probably tell you to gather a squad of 10 and play custom :roll_eyes:


Or call us cry babies because we want options.

Always these dudes that hinder the community then leave to another game when it’s convenient.

A dude on the forums called me a “cry baby” on the forums. We met in a versus match & mid match quit the game to play “family guy”

& these are the dudes TC wants to bring in?

Why not get our veterans back.

Haven’t seen that guy on the forums since.

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