Let us have duplicate characters in Horde

Since the team is looming at Feedback and addressing it (ranked Execution), please consider allowing us to use duplicate characters in Horde and Escape.

If I’ve been really focusing Emile and want to spend my time playing him, just let me use him even if someone else wants to be Emile. What difference does it make? If a team comes up with a strat that makes them efficient as using 5 Sarah Connors then let them go ahead and do so. If the concern is some sort of leaderboard ranked issue, then at least allow us to do this in custom games.

I was hoping that with 4 new characters coming out to add to the pool this would mix things up and give us more room for less duplicates, but it’s sounding like maybe only one of those four will be a horde applicable hero?

Please just consider us letting use dupes. I don’t think anyone will complain about this.


Sarah Conner is the only character that starts off with grenades in horde

Better yet, let us choose whoever we want, whenever we want to.

I’ve had the game glitch because someone joined the lobby at the last second and was the same character as someone else and the game just allowed it so it’s clearly possible right now, the change would be simple

Agree they say there games we let you play anyway you want well if I want a team full of 5 Marcus and we all have his ability then let us. It’s about fun and going into horde and killing monsters in the most fun way we want and can. You are trying to make it to statigic and complicated. Each character can have there abilities but alow us to use doubles if we want.