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Let us change game language on PC

Plase, let us change game language on PC without changing the whole system region/language for Windows 10 users.

I enjoy mexican spanish dub but I would like to play the game on english too!

I know there’s more people out there wanting this option in-game


Alternate solution for Steam users: change language via the game’s properties. Like the language setting in Gears of War 4, it changes for both voices and texts.

Anyway, it’s 2019, language options should be the norm, especially when the files are here.

You can change it going to the config file: \AppData\Local\Gears5\Saved\Config\PC

Open GameUserSettings.ini file, and look for the line ’ PreferredLanguageCode= '. Change it to “EN” without quotes and you should have gears5 in english


Thank you so much! I was looking for this kind of solution! <3

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