Let talk about game (text)chat

I think this needs to come back because I don’t want to have my mic in every time I need to speak to my team and I been needing to speak to them a lot and let them know how we should try to approach things in game. I understand people being toxic and stuff but like WHEN haven’t they been toxic on gears lol since day one on gears 1 it’s been toxic that just the way it is and if u can’t handle it and brush it off turn off the text chat but it was pretty handy when we had it. What u guys think?


I think that there is already a thread for this…

Lots of threads on it.

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Don’t get wise on me, Pep.

I’ve always been wise. You need to wise up. :stuck_out_tongue:

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Dude, why are there so many threads about this? Just go to the settings and turn it on, it really ain’t that hard. Stop being lazy.

Oh snap u can turn it on still lol I didn’t know that lol guess it don’t matter lmao

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