Let’s wish a very Happy Birthday to BadxWolfxWilly

Wishing a very Happy Birthday to @BadxWolfxWilly
You are one of the kindest players I’ve met.
Sending good vibes in the coming year !
Happy Birthday :birthday::gift::tada:


Let me add some “Merry christmas” wishes to the deal too. Even though I only know the name from Escape leaderboards and other forum posts.


Sent him a message at midnight last night but yes, Happy Birthday Brother.


I do not know him but he plays/loves Gears so he is almost family… Happy Birthday :birthday: :blush:


Sheesh! THANK YOU, @RumblyMonkey991 :flushed:. I appreciate the kind words(no pun intended). I always enjoyed the times we linked up especially for hives and that one time I played Mac to help your buddy out with leaderboard time even though I was a “Keegan main”. I should check this more often lol. I just been retired as @Imstifu would say with life & other games. Thank you again @RelaxingKoty, real one.

@Duffman_GB ha, I appreciate that. I surely do. My favorite game even though I been afk from it. Who knows maybe someday we will link up or play on G6.

Hope the whole gears community has an awesome Xmas, holidays, and New Years @WickedlyInocent @WarmJewel54743 @Ultra_Gnasty @GhostofDelta2 @TurnerBurner922 @Bleeding_Pepper


I’m sorry I didn’t say Happy Birthday to you here. I hope your day was as special as you are <3


Happy belated birthday and merry Christmas. Haven’t really caught any games with you since Gears 4 speedruns, hope you’re doing well✌


We will…we will…I’m sure I will be there in G6 if the comments on G6 are quite positive enough. I’m now lacking confidence on G6, so we’ll see what’s going on in 2024 hopefully.

Merry Birthday & Happy Christmas, sure :grimacing:

:man_white_haired: :ring: :birthday:

:laughing: :evergreen_tree:

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