Let’s talk about the health regen system

Ok, simply put the health regen in this game is atrocious, like seriously, it takes ages to regen to begin, and you won’t start regenning till you roadie run or sit still to boot.
I have no idea who conceived of this idea at TC but they obviously do not play much.
In what world does it make sense to delay health regen while someone is bouncing till when they roadie run or sit still?
You have essentially thrown away wallbouncing as a mechanic to avoid shots while regenning to keep the fight going.
The community has been talking about extending shotgun fights and TC has done a good job of bringing the GIB range in and giving us greater poke damage, albeit I’ll admit I am a fan of the first gnasher update and feel that this second one giving us even more point blank and poke is obnoxious and has basically brought the game right back to where it was before which is two-shot down city, but with a smaller Gib range which actually encourages more two shot downing since it’s harder to get in close. The gnasher does not have to be a canon, it’s a close quarters weapon, anyway I digress.
Back to the point. The community wants longer drawn out fights, and I do believe that the gnasher tuning has to play in this, but how come no one is talking about how if we simply had regen happening while wall bouncing, (no matter what we’re doing actually) fights would last longer simply because skilled players could avoid the shots and gain health back for successfully dodging shots and no one would be penalized for bouncing to a wall or anything.
Staying full red the entire time I am trying to wall bounce to stay alive does nothing to add to the fights, it penalizes me for trying to move quickly and out of the situation to avoid getting shot again while I regen.
Wallbouncing started as a way to dodge shots and stay alive, now it’s not, it’s like TC thinks it’s a way of getting kills, wallbouncing has always been and always will be primarily defensive in nature, but now it is rendered totally useless in the heat of a fight since it delays your health regen.
Why would I bounce? I won’t regen, I’ll just stay full red longer… but then why would I stand still or sit in cover, I’ll just be blasted and downed, and why would I roadie run? I’ll just get picked off as I try to sprint through the open.
When your full red you literally have no more options because the regen is so slow and doesn’t start until you stop bouncing.
This idea has basically stripped players of their option in CQC, I’m sure they’ve given some reason about increasing the skill gap or something like what they said when they defended the 6 bullets in the shotgun (another bad idea IMO), but this really doesn’t bring any kind of skill because any skillful movement or maneuver you do actually inhibits your regen and stops you from getting your health back. That’s not skill, that’s penalizing skill!
If it’s supposed to be about skill and competition, you need to put regen back in with wallbouncing so that players can actually flex their bouncing on others even when they’re full red and clutch on them, or regen and escape.
It’s incredible how little clutches there are in Gears right now, or the lack Of any kind of reversal where they get you full red but you just sauce on them with your movement and blast them instead. This barely ever happens in gears 5 and I believe this Health regen delay is a great part to blame.
This is because while your bouncing around and avoid shots, you remain full red and one snub bullet away from getting down, so of course if there’s lancering, or you dodge most of his shot but a stay pellet hits you, you’ll never be about to outplay anyone and you’ll just get down easy. You’ll never be able to showcase your superior movement skills.
This I think is tragic and one of the reasons people say gears has lost it’s inventory ; there are no outplays.
Gears has always been an outplay game, a game where you can show just how much better you are then another by pulling out all the stops and getting the kill even though he had you four-pointer and really should have been able to clean up the kill. in gears there’s always the chance you can turn it around, pull a rabbit out of your hat and emerge victorious, or at least it used to be. now it’s just soulless two-shotting from strategic positions. It isn’t skill based anymore, it’s not about what you can do, but where you can shoot from.
There would be so much more potential for outplays and great mouvement and skill and all that if we simply removed this health regen delay, it would actually make the game more skillful not less, it would reward all players especially those who can masterfully use the cover slip and cancel mechanics to stay alive, but everyone would benefit from regening all the time no matter what your doing. plus it would make the game more fun by making the health system more responsive and initiative, rewarding good movement and dodging, while also extending fights since both players would be regenning.
So my solution (which would make gears more fun) to this problem (which I believe is partly ruining gears Fights) is to simply remove the cool down/delay for health regen when wall bouncing. Just have health regen start at the same time no matter what the character is doing: bouncing, strafing, sitting, shooting, i don’t care.
If it takes 3 seconds for regen to kick In, it should kick in after 3 seconds all the time, not 3 seconds of running, just three seconds and I’m regening.
Let’s get behind this folks! Give us unilateral health Regen TC!


Health Needs To Regen when not being shot.

It needs to revert to this.

I should be able to hyperbounce like a maniac back to full health if I can avoid bullets.

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Yes, exactly.
Though I am not myself a hyper bouncer, and more of a strafe-bounce hybrid player, I think hyper bouncers should be rewarded for hyper-bouncing and not getting shot with health regen. It seems dumb that any player who is bouncing doesn’t get any regen!

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Why don’t you just bounce and shoot at the same time… I don’t do pvp but either you’re good enough to bounce and shoot or you’re just bouncing and looking stupid for no reason

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  1. Condense your thoughts.

  2. They did this in the last game because people feel overwhelmed by wallbouncers and dev studies show that gamers get frustrated when they lose to fast enemies they can’t target.

I personally feel it dumbed down the mechanics and lowered the skill ceiling. But, the positive it did was make it so you can still hang with good ol fashioned aim. Trade offs like that are necessary to keep a community alive. It would be obnoxious if you HAD to have high level bouncing to be good at Gears.

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The simple solution is to raise the sensitivity cap. Currently the only thing that makes bouncing so good is the fact that it goes faster than the highest sensitivity setting camera move speed. If this were raised, it wouldn’t be an issue at all. People would hit bouncers all day long.

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People think this but when sens goes up people miss their shots then they blame the game for sponging. There’s a point of diminishing returns and, having played with a mouse a lot, high sens isn’t the missing answer people portray it to be.

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Obviously make the max wall bounce speed coincide with max aiming/rotational speed. So if that means slowing one down, or even getting rid of the ■■■■■■■■ bouncing, so be it.

Substitute people in your comment with “you”

I know very well what I am talking about. I know that this is the answer. Believe me, I have played with insane sensitivity, ridiculous some might even say, and have been able to 360, 720, 1080 my screen to hit kill streaks in multiple games.

The issue in gears is that the aim cannot swing as fast as the characters can move, therefore your strategical movement and aiming options are limited. Either you correctly predict and pre move upon the movements of your opponent, or you bounce/movement your way into a new position quickly to counter. This is at least 50 % of the 1v1 gnasher fights in this game, and I think it’s a little ridiculous to have the movement be so much fast than the aiming.

It seems like people in this thread want wallbouncing to be even stronger, I think that’s fine, but then make the tools to counter it without doing the same viable as well.

You think people, and I, would simply miss. I promise you, we wouldn’t- not all the time. Like I said I’ve played games with faster movement systems, but the aim in those games could be raised in sensitivity to the point where you could hit those people. The options would open up if the aim was allowed to be faster than the movement speed.

An example- Wolf Team.

In any case, you will see a severe change in the viability of rushing spontaneously in this game when they remove the inert up a speed boost. Indeed, defensive players/non-bouncing may become more viable than bouncing well.

Simply out of the merit that you won’t be able to go faster than people can aim to you out of nowhere without momentum built up ahead of time.

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That’s nonsense because you’re not going to track people at that speed. Even with a mouse it doesn’t happen. That’s where predictive aiming comes in. You can create this fantasy of how much greener the grass would be but no one on a controller is going to track someone moving at wallbounce speeds.

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It’s not nonsense, your rebuttal is nonsense.

Your argument is literally “No, people aren’t that fast man, thats wrong”

I’m not sure what to tell you. The fact that bouncing is so good is because the speed is faster than the max aiming speed in a lot of cases.

People can track that fast, and they would, if they were allowed to.

I have in other games, and I could in this one if the sensitivity cap went from say, 30 to 60 with the same incremental increases.

I’m not sure why you’re convinced that isn’t possible? The human mind is quite incredible. I’ve been able to play games where your screen is practically spinning to hit people, and stop on them pinpoint. The aiming in gears on max speed is actually so slow I can barely stand it.

I am one of those crazy plays on max sensitivity shooter players, and I promise you man, it’s not nonsense. There are games with extremely faster aim speed than gears, and I didn’t just miss all the time in those games. Quite the contrary, I, among others, was able to track extremely well.

There are many examples of people being capable of handling higher sensitivity, and fast tracking. Just look at the hyper-bounce players, they can track extremely fast. They are using bouncing to turn the screen, not the aim sensitivity, and that is much, much faster, but they can track it.

Doesn’t that alone defeat your argument?


I’ll agree with most of this.

Now that there is a healthy split between PC and Console players online, I have noticed an interesting trend. Players who play on PC wall bounce less and will ALWAYS make console players pay for a miss-roll. Their ability to do a quick 180° turn almost removes the necessity to bounce. As a console player, I find it impossible to turn around as fast as PC players, so I substitute this inability with a general 3-point wall cancel, hoping to survive long enough to land my shot.

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Though tbh most skilled PC players (or even console ones) can easily predict this move. Personally, I don’t wallbounce as much any more because of this.
One move that tends to work is doing a 2 point wall cancel, then start sliding into your 3rd, but at the last minute strafe backwards, turn around, and gib.

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Didn’t read past the first couple sentences because I’ve already experienced this and tried to educate you. I’ve played Gears with a mouse with insane sensitivity and you’re not going to track wallbouncers at the speed they move at close range. And, you’re ESPECIALLY not going to do it on a controller.

If you’re offended by that you’ll have to get over it because you’re arguing theory against someone’s actual experience. b
Instead of perpetuating this boring “I think it would” argument, please try it yourself. Mice are cheap. Plug one into your Xbox. Give it a go. After that, your opinion on the subject will have some value.


Tbh most bouncers are predictable enough to counter without having to track

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So when do you exactly heal. I have NEVER GOTTEN A CLEAR ANSWER.

HOw much time does it take to heal.
Do you heal faster in cover or like u wrote. Roadie run
Because honestly. I never see a difference in recovery when taking cover.
I make it a point to take cover and more often than not. It gets me killed rather than being 4 pointed and going for the kill?
Could someone please give me a clear answer. PLEASE

Bro tc isn’t even sure of this


It should simply be that the health regen should start if the player kills or down someone.

Health regen should be immediate when not taking damage regardless of the combat situation.

Next we will have health bars like horde enemies.

Bro, honestly, you have this backwards.

I’m going to set you straight.

That’s a ridiculous assertion. I have tried the mouse, and I have tracked them. You say I’m inexperienced, but you’re assuming that, you didn’t know I’ve actually used the mouse and been able to do this just fine. Furthermore, we don’t even need to rely on personal experience, people track it without having camera turn speed as fast as the movement by using the movement to turn the camera, and they track just fine, as I said before.

Even further than that- I have used sensitivity that is faster than the movement speed in gears in other games, to track movement systems faster than gears movement just fine. This is not me speaking from theory like you assert.

This is hard experience of decades of gaming, telling you you’re making a baseless theoretical claim that people wouldn’t be able to track a certain speed, if the aiming speed cap was increased. This is just absolutely ridiculous, there are games with MUCH faster paced combat and aiming speeds, and people get used to them.

Again, you underestimate the human mind, and it’s ability to learn/condition itself to various applications.

For some unspecified reason, according to you, the movement in gears is not able to be tracked, but I’ve done it with the mouse. I’ve done it in games that are faster, with faster aiming speeds.

I’m not offended, you’re just making baseless claims. Maybe YOU can’t track it, but I could. Others could. You’re projecting at best, and making baseless claims at worst.

God , you could just cut a knife edge with the edge you’re putting out here couldn’t you?

How bout before you try to be smug with someone, ask them what their experience with the topic is?

You’re making yourself look pretty bad.

My little brother has the plug in accessories, and I have tried them. I’m able to track the wall bouncers with the mouse. I don’t like playing that way, but it is definitely an improvement.

Fun fact- I’ve also got a buddy with gears 5 on pc IRL- I’ve tried it on that too- same deal- I can track the movement.

So yea, you’re basically just telling me YOU can’t track it. That’s fine. I can, and I could with controller too- like I have in other games with faster aiming/movement systems at insane aiming speeds- if they raised the controller cap.

Try to be less assumptive next time.