Let’s do a “Unpopular Opinion” post


Wouldn’t be surprised if Endgame is in the top 3, such an overrated movie imo.

I think I saw that same list, whoever came up with that list should be in prison fr

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I think they had Endgame at like 37 lol

I hate superhero films.

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@GB6_Kazuya have you seen this movie?

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didn’t take much to convince me Loomis is tough as nails and much more elevated in the I-dont-have-time-for-BS attitude. Even with the fact judgment is obviously not the best in the eyes of many it showed me plenty enough about Loomis

It is literally the only film I haven’t seen in the MCU and I’ve seen everything else including all TV shows. I can’t stand Brie Larson so absolutely refuse to watch it.

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Loomis’ one line where he argues with the Onyx Captain is still one of my favorite badass moments in all of Gears.

“Then it’ll be a short walk,” best line of Judgement fr.


“War is Cruelty” after he unloads his Boltok into Karns face. :face_exhaling:

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Oh there’s a much better moment in Judgment. The best in fact.

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Are you admitting you like to see Locust killed?

No, but nice try you devilish fiend. Since you’re curious, here is the scene I refer to:

I mean when the credits roll is when the most Locust have already died… so…

Ooooh, I see. Well then…

Many millions of humans have also technically died by the story point in the above cutscene.

Loomis being one of them.

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I was fully expecting you to upload a screenshot of the uninstall screen for judgment


I know. But technically this was still back of the last “scene” so I opted for it!

I very much like your linr of thought though.

But alas, heretics will be heretics.