Let me scrap my dupes or make level six cards!

No more explanation needed, give the community what we want.


The scrapping of cards should have been added to the game by now. I just Think it’s plain
lazyness on TC’s part.
Many people don’t like present card system as it
is . TC must be aware of that with the amount of posts about scrapping cards.

I read somewhere that level 6 Skill Cards was an idea for OP 3. The fact it is not here, is a downer. But, seriously, what do we really expect from The Coalition. Part Time Game Developers !!!

I think it’s reasonable to expect those of us that have put 500-1000 hours into this game to have the characters we play all with max cards at this point.

But we don’t.

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I do and almost everyone that I play with also has their cards maxed

I honestly don’t like the idea of level 6 cards because you are just making everything even stronger then it was. I don’t want the game to be too easy and just making everything have a extra level will make things stronger which I am not a fan of.

Fifty Percent agree with you, the other 50% is for the stupid 2% there and 2% here, these Skill Cards do need a level 6, because to be honest, anything less than 15% is simply not worth it.

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I’m sure they’ll raise to level 6, they did that with Gears 4, although it took quite a long time. I wouldn’t be in too much of a rush to scrap anything if you could, because you’ll kick yourself if they raise the level cap.

I think they DO need to go to level 6. Horde at higher difficulties isn’t fun even if you’re with a team with all characters at level 16+ with maxed out cards.

I agree whole heartedly.

If they’re waiting till they roll out level 6 cards then that’s fine but let us know it’s in the works so people can stop being frustrated and start getting excited.

If they’re any kind of uncertain about what all that scrap will mean then they could always roll out level 7 cards - that ought to take me a year or more to get my purple that high since it’ll likely mean 40 cards/24,000 scrap

They said they were going to introduce Lv6 cards not long after release…here we are 8 months later. I must have seen 20 topics on this subject atleast and still nothing has happened, seems they want our money but could care less about how the fans feel. Personally i’ve put in 600+hours into Gears 5 and none of my characters are maxed,some not far off though. How is a casual player that has limited time to play supposed lv up cards, basically they would still be working on 1 character untill next year with the rng s#!tshow currently in place…
It’s neither right nor fair on all of us, albeit hardcore or caual player. It needs to change soon,if i had 10 scrap for evey green dupe i’d be rolling in it!. They know this now and thats why they won’t change anything. Great care towards your fanbase Tc…

I don’t GAF about level 6 cards, I just want to be able to scap the useless cards I never use (like anything VENOM related) and help level up cards I actually do use… You know, how we used to be able to do, in the previous title… the one from 4 years ago…

Same thing for skins… I want to scrap the useless swarm versus skins…

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100% agree. Scrap is a major issue in this game.

100% agree with OP as well.

It’s time.

I just hope they change their mind and do not implement level 6 cards.