Let me be frank

You claimed at e3 to have wanted to earn our trust… to that i laughed. GoW4 was your cash cow, you rehashed old maps over and over and sucked us dry with RNG packs… you had done ALL but earn my trust. After playing Gears 5? Coalition…



I appreciate the positivity. I did like 4 quite a bit but I am having a blast with 5.

I dunno if I have just managed to get lucky or if people just like to complain, but other than a minor glitch here and there, I have had a near-flawless experience this far, from a technical standpoint anyways. I can’t wait to see what the future brings with continued support.


This game is great. Campaign is amazing, online is good.

The one thing that annoys me is flashbangs lol. TC have surprised me this time round

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I’m not defending TC here at all but I hear this all the time.” TC said they gained our trust”

I don’t get it. It’s false. TC never said they gained our trust. At E3 or anywhere else that I know of.

I changed it to reflect the accurate statement, either way im happily surprised by Gears 5. TC has earned my trust!

What he did say is “With Gears 4 we wanted to earn your trust.”


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The campaign, in my opinion, is a blast. Gears 5 took it to a place I never really imagined a Gears game would go.

They have ambition, and are willing to try something different, and the environments look gorgeous.

In terms of the story, they have my trust again, when I was a bit uncertain in 4.


Just go back to UE like everyone else is