Let down by the toxic skins

Surprisingly, I really like the striped skins.

A milky poo

Toxic skins?

Animated? New? Overpriced?
What’s happening?

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Escape rewards and no to my disappointment not animated .

“One man’s trash…”

I feel like the toxic skins would look much better when that green toxic-waste thing on them would look abit more realistic and less “cartoony”

I don’t like either.

What are the toxic skins and how do you get em?

Escape rewards

Friendship ended with Toxic skins. Now Striped is my best friend.

How do you get them?

My skins wont pop up, I’ve restarted gears 5, im ranked 1% and 5% but got neither rewards like xp or weapon skins, any ideas why?

Get top 5% in Escape mode to get all 4 rewards, every week they do escapes where you gotta beat it quicker than other players, the harder the difficulty and finding cog tags help get ahead

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