Less players on escape I think

I was trying to find online master Ice queen escape but I just found 1 team, when on OP 1 I was able to find matches easily.

It’s because less people are playing now because OP2 rewards are not so great in comparison to OP1, or the hive is extremely difficult? Or because Lahni’s ultimate is glitched and I use lahni? (I didn’t understand why I almost did nothing when I used ultimate)

Also, at this time there were always videos on Youtube showing how to complete it on escape, and now I can’t find anything.

If someone completed it and want to share his/her tips, I will appreciate it :slight_smile: I’m just bored for not find players online or private.

The hive is difficult.

I beat it yesterday on Master.

Lahni is incredibly useful with her Venom cards. Venom Blade, Venom Res, Thrill of the Hunt, Brawler. The 5th card can be filler.

The Elite Grenadiers with Shields, Juvies and rest of enemies. Just use a melee character with bleed against them. So I’m sure Emile works. Lahni does too but you gotta let the Venom gas come to activate Venom Blade.

You could throw Shock Grenades ahead when Poppers and Juvies coming. The Relic Dropshot could be used on Dropshot Scion to stop him freezing team. If you have Flashbangs, throw them at Elite Grenadiers with Shields to stun them then meatshield for another Flashbang.

The Warden section before Decontamination Room, just run through the crowd when Venom gas is around for Venom Resistance, you can survive rushing through.

Don’t even bother using Shock Chain or Lahni’s Ultimate. It lasts few seconds that it’s pointless. It’s just the melee bleed and resistance that’s important on her,

Here’s a video of how someone played Lahni on Master.

As soon as I changed to Lahni, my group won. She is underated and can tank a melee with Thrill of the Hunt on bleeding enemy,

But we used Mac, Lahni, Lizzie. Keegan might not be needed since plenty Relic Dropshot around and Frag Grenades drop rarely from Poppers. Having 7 Flashbangs can be another strategy to stun Drone enemies. Or 7 Shock Grenades against cluster packs. Lizzie can tank Poppers head-on in Silverback but freeze the Dropshot Scion before it freeze her.

Thanks for the tips and the video :slight_smile: I forgot about using ultimate then. I hope to find a team and try this.

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