Legends of Sera

I need a partner for Legends of Sera! I’ve beat it on inconceivable and HC ironman alone. But none of my friends play campaign :frowning:

Someone be my friend

I’ve always wanted to do this but I always felt there would be that one part that costs me/us and I’d be pissed off. Lol

Is it that bad? It’s realy the only achievement that can hold me back from 100% completion to be honest.

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There are only a few parts that are super stressful. (Almost every lightning flare). I heard people talk about a trick to reset if you do die.

Ah, gotcha. I feel like the lightning flare and the motorcycle scene are the nightmare areas but that’s all I can think of. I do need to find someone to do it also depending on schedules.

Moving to Wanna Play section…

I’d want to try it and I like to think I’m decent enough but sometimes I lose focus and do some stupid play and if I did that during this run I’d feel bad for my co op partner… this might be the only achievement I don’t get… I feel much better about tying the solo one cuz if I do some dumb then at least it was only my time and I’d feel no pressure

add me. I’ve failed plenty of times, so don’t feel bad. Odds are I’ll die at least once anyway. If you can beat it solo on insane, you can beat it hardcore ironman.

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Cool man will do! I did it solo insane and am slowly working through and am halfway through solo inconceivable.

Looking forward to giving this a shot. I also did complete the Pick Me Up on HC and only died twice (once during a windflair and the second was on the bike) so those are the two parts I’d be stressing most lol.

Lol, those are the parts my friend and I are afraid of too. It’s why we haven’t even attempted the Iron Man run yet.

Trying to start this today if anyone is down

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