Legendary cases?

So I have played many veteran missions but is there a way to get more legendary cases? The main quest legendary item seems to be armor only. I want to farm the primary weapon parts. But sometimes I have to play about 10 side quests to get 1 mission with a legendary box. Of course then it’s an item for one of the two characters I already finished.

Same questions from me. I already did 10 Veteran missions (excluding side missions). And I still have almost the same number of legendary weapon parts as I did when I finished the campaign.

I played like 40-50 missions today and got 1 item that I needed. But about 10 onyx helmets and other stuff I don’t need. If you reload your backup you might get another item but always for the same class. That means if your legendary item is for the longshot you will get only longshot items by using a backup. If you get a helmet you only get helmets or boots. And you only get legendary weapon items for side quest missions. Main quest legendary item is only trash.

EDIT: got about 25 onyx helmets and 25 retro onyx helmets but not even one item for Sid/Cole. I have played 43 veteran main quest missions and 129 side quest missions.

EDIT2: Now I only get helmets for about 20 boxes in a row.