Legacy sets shouldn't exist

All the old skins should get a scorcher version plain and simple. Even if it’s only 500 or 1k coins. They already have the pattern so it should only take one guy like 5 minutes.


I know right? Lame. What they should’ve done was made the Scorcher a heavy weapon, that way it wouldn’t mess with no sets, but nah. They had to go and make it a regular weapon just so they could make exclusive cards for the Brawler of all classes. They cheaped out on that too by not making a full Pyro class, simply tacking Scorcher cards onto Brawler which already has set loadouts for Tackle and Ranged builds. Now, you wouldn’t even use the Scorcher cards unless you want to get kicked from a Horde lobby.

edit; just remembered Pilot has a Scorcher card too but from what I’ve read that one’s been DOA.

It basically shoots flames at the ground or behind yourself, making it extremely impractical to use and figure out if it’s even worth bothering with as a replacement for the Tri-Shot or Mulcher(not counting the Salvo as its main purpose just seems to be to provide more ult duration and limited crowd control potential).

I also think it’s dumb certain sets just don’t get any skin for the Scorcher because TC isn’t bothered to do that. Like, say, I was using the Eclipse skins from Op 2, and I decided to use the Scorcher(as unlikely as that is outside of PvP which I don’t play). What would I have that even remotely matches it for that weapon? Of course it’s not exactly game breaking by any means, but still would look dumb.


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Really? Just look at the store, if they didn’t have everything already there they wouldn’t bring back stuff from old operations every week. I’m positive that the dev version has everything saved.

I’m not sure what that has to do with how long it takes to make a weapon skin.

Just copy, paste the existing wraps on the scorcher

So you don’t have any actual insight into what it takes to make a proper weapon skin, you’re just another loud voice that’s certain it must be extremely easy.

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It is. That’s why every game that has them makes hundreds of them to make easy money



Yeah, they’ve already got the designs. That’s the hard part. I thought it’d be easy to just xfer them over too. Then, I thought about the different parts and shapes of the weapons. Someone has to carefully fit and stretch the designs over each one, probably in some art software. The Scorcher is also quite different than the others. Probably would take hours depending on how much of perfectionist the artist is and how intuitive whatever software they’re using is. Could they knock them out in a weekend? Of course. They probably don’t see much value in doing so, however, considering the current target audience appears to be brand new Gamepass and Games with Gold players instead of the old faithful.

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@OP; what does it matter. The Scorcher is a meme that has 0 use in PvE and very limited use in PvP.

The ease of creating a skin depends on how textures are made for gears.

It could be procedural by linking and overlaying various material nodes in UE, or some poor schmuck has to unwrap UVs and do it manually by pushing pixels in photoshop so that the patterns conform to the geometry with little to no distortion.

I’m thinking it’s probably the former these days. Quicker with better control, and easier to update if needed.

Why would they make it a heavy weapon when it was always a regular weapon?

I’m sure it doesn’t work that easily. Each weapon model has different texture maps and just snapping a texture to the model won’t look right immediately. I agree with you that these sets shouldn’t exist though, it’s a poor show IMO.

In fact,even though some skins like team rock come back,i don’t care,because i earned team ice skins and chrome steel skins,etc,they are better,since re-up system changed.And however,sometimes always use a single skin,it will be greasy,even though it’s beautiful,lol…I hope when all operations finished,it can restart from operation 1,because some tour of duty rank banners didn’t unlock in the earliy operations, even though reach to general rank.

Yea I agree, but we’re also talking about the people who couldn’t release the Precision Sets separately for Cobweb and Chrome Steel lol

If they are doing Featured legacy sets, they should have a scorcher skin made for them if they didn’t want to do all of them. There are a lot of sets in the game but its only one weapon. They’re just lazy. Making one skin for a pre existing set isn’t that hard.

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