Legacy Gears updates

You know what to do :sunglasses:


Great news, now do I use my new:
Halo Elite pad or
The 20th anniversary one .:+1::smiley:

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@Duffman_GB I’ll see you on gears 3 no doubt brother :+1:


Oh yeah, Im coming for you now!

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You beat me to it, I was just reading about this!

It’s amazing, can’t wait to get back onto Gears 3. As if it couldn’t be anymore perfect!

Gonna hop on some Gears 2 and 3 tonight for some horde.


Need to download these on my series X.

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Gears of War 3 runs amazingly smooth in 60fps!

Edit: I’m playing on a Series X


My Hammerburst…she’s beautiful…

Well, it’s not my glorious sexy 6-times-onyx Hammerburst, but it’s beautiful regardless.

I know exactly what I’m doing once I’m free of Gears 5.


My god

My body is ready

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Good to see all you fairweather Gears 3 players :thinking::joy::smiley:returning, where have you all been…I never left :+1::facepunch:


Hmm, is that an indication that the remasters might not be happening?

Great to see the FPS boosts, I might not get to them now (small matter of Halo Infinite) but I will enjoy them.

I’d imagine a remaster (or collection) wasn’t really discussed, there’s a clear follow on from gears 5s campaign so that’ll be the next instalment.

Would love to be wrong btw :rofl:

Just hopped on Gears 3. This game is S M O O T H


Yeah I’m on TDM now full lobbies galore!

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Just joined a tdm,

Turns out my guy has no turn speed🤣

No improvement to how it looks and plays if you’re on an old Xbox 1 S or X, right?

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I get a little judder when rodie running in Gears 3 MP on my series X. Any one know why? Is it better to have the disc?

Can’t wait to see Dom die in 60 fps

Oh ■■■■ yeah. While my brother’s going gaga over Halo in his room, I’ll be hogging the living room playing a decade old game like it’s new.

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