Legacy Gears Stats page not tracking

@anon86589457 @TC_Octus Making a new topic just because the old one is locked otherwise I’d throw it in there. I know the latest What’s Up mentioned TC fixed the Stats page for the new Season 5. That’s not my problem.

I went back to the original Gears 1 and was grinding out Seriously with some friends (please hold the hate mail here, don’t wanna hear it) and my kills are no longer tracking. Yes, we are using the ranked matches and doing it correctly. But for some reason the kills haven’t been tracking since last week. I’m guessing this issue may be tied to whatever update TC did last week and may also extend to stat tracking in the other older games. Can someone at TC please look into this? Thanks.

I noticed the same thing with the stats page not updating. However, I did have one of my weapon kill achievements pop since noticing the stats page has stopped updating. Hopefully that means that the kills are still counting towards Seriously…

Additionally, when I checked tonight, I noticed that my stats for both Gears 1 & Gears 2 do not display at all. Instead, I get an error message stating “An error occurred when trying to retrieve your stats. Please try again later.” My stats for Gears 3 appear to load, but shows all zeroes; when I click the View More Stats button, I get an error message stating “Error Loading Stats Please try again later”. My stats for Judgement appear to load just fine, but also cannot see the more stats page for it.

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It looks like the Legacy Gears Stats page was fixed for a while, but the update last week seems to have caused it to stop tracking once again. Can someone at TC please take another look at this? Thanks! @anon86589457 @TC_Octus

The stats page still appears to be messed up. I took a screenshot, but the page does not seem to want to upload it.

I am curious how achievements are tracked in the original Gears. I realize Gears 1 was made by Epic and not The Coalition, so decided to do some testing. I had been keeping track of my weapon kill progress, and should have been around 55 kills with both Frag Tags and Curb Stomps. I checked my stats tonight before starting, it showed 58 kills for each, so I should only need 42 kills more to unlock each of those.

First match, I got 23 kills with Frag Tags, plus 23 Curb Stomps for a total of 46 kills. That should have brought both kill counts to 81, and only needing 19 more. Second match of the night, I got 20 Curb Stomps and 0 Frag Tags. Upon completing the second match, Curb Appeal unlocked as it should have. After exiting the game, returning to Dashboard, and then shutting down the console, I checked the stats page. It had not updated my kill count, but did show I had unlocked Curb Appeal. I then turned off my computer. At this point, I am fairly certain that (at a minimum) kills on the stats page plus kills while logged in for a single session will add together to see if you meet the requirements for the Ranked achievements.

I waited over an hour, then started my computer, logged back into the stats page, and it still shows only 58 Curb Stomps and 58 Frag Tags on the counter. Tomorrow I will get 20 Frag Tags and see if I unlock Is It A Spider. If it unlocks as should be expected, then the kills are still counting even though the stats page appears to be broken. If not, then it may be that only kills from the current session are being added to the kills posted on the stats page to see if you meet the requirements. If the latter is the case, it may be impossible for folks to get Seriously until the stats page starts updating again.

I won’t know until I do more testing tomorrow evening.

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@anon86589457 @TC_Octus The Legacy Stats page still isn’t tracking. Cody and I were doing the testing yesterday, and I’ve been keeping track of my kill grinding and I should be at ~10400 kills and the Legacy Stats page is still showing only 8600 kills (where I was weeks ago). So far based on our testing this is showing that it will be almost impossible for anyone to earn the Seriously achievements anymore until this is fixed (the individual weapons ones you probably can earn in a single day). Can someone please look into this and try and fix it? Thanks.

Alpha’s correct. I got 20 more Frag Tag kills today, achievement did not pop. From what I can tell, it looks like kills from multiple matches add together, only if they are done in the same session (don’t know if you have to stay in-game, or just keep console on). But kills from different days after shutting down the console resets your progress back to what the stat’s page has, which is not updating.

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@anon86589457 & @TC_Octus Any updates?

I’m helping Alpha as well. We just put in 10 hours of grinding and he was was 2 matches from having enough kills to unlock Seriously when his console lost Live connection. He rejoined and did 3 matches. Did not unlock. He checked the Stats page and it has not changed. I checked the in-game leaderboad and everyone in the games today are showing up with no progress, everyone has “- -“ points for weekly and monthly Warzone.

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@TC_Octus & @anon86589457

So I mentioned last week on the Dev Stream (12/13) that the Legacy Stats page wasn’t tracking and you wrote it down and said TC would look into it and get back to me. Thanks for that, no one got in touch with me but Aero and I decided to run a quick test late last night (12/18) and my kills were tracking again.

Awesome, right? Not exactly. It was too late last night to start grinding kills, so we decided to start today (12/19). We did over 5 hours of grinding on Gears 1, ended up with well over the 1400 remaining kills I needed and Seriously still didn’t pop. We checked the Stats page and the kills aren’t tracking again. It still reads the same amount of kills I had last night after the test match. I’m not sure what happened in less than 24 hours to cause it to stop tracking, but can someone at TC please look into this again? And if possible can you let us know when it’s fixed? I’d rather not waste another 5 hours for nothing.

And for context, we’d already tested and it looked like any kills you got during an active session even when the kills weren’t tracking still added to the recorded kills, meaning if you had enough you could still earn achievements. We tested this on a second account and got some of the weapon kill achievements.

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@TC_Octus & @anon86589457
Sorry for the radio silence, we found a work around that allowed Alpha and another friend to have their progress count so they could unlock Seriously. We were confused with why Alpha’s kills were not getting added to the leaderboard when each week we were seeing different tags on the leaderboard with kills. Then I looked at the details of those on the leaderboards, the top spot was held by someone with 16 matches and 16 rounds, second place had 17 matches, 17 rounds. Third place had 9 matches and 13 rounds, fourth place had 11 matches, 14 rounds. Fifth place had 16 matches, 16 rounds, and so on. Seemed odd that the only folks on the leaderboards were averaging 1-2 rounds per match. This led us to do some testing… 18 matches of testing to be exact.

We started with a 1 round match, Alpha won it, and the leaderboards updated with his kills. Next we tried a 3 round match, Alpha won all 3 rounds, and the leaderboards reflected the match. Then we did a 7 round match, Alpha won all 7 rounds, and the leaderboards reflected the match. Next up, we did another 7 round match, but traded rounds to get 13 rounds in the match, Alpha won 7 to 6, but the leaderboards did not update to reflect this match. Thinking it may be total number of rounds, we tried a 3 round match, trading rounds to get 5 rounds, with Alpha winning 3 to 2, the leaderboards reflected this match. Then we went to a 4 round match, trading to make it 7 rounds, but unlike the other 7 total round match, this one did not count.

At this point we found a breaking point between matches that count and ones that don’t. However, we were not sure why. The next test, we dropped back to 3 rounds, trading to have 5 rounds, and it counted. Since we were not sure why some total of 7 round matches counted and others did not, we decided to start monitoring the time as well. The next test was a 9 round match where Alpha won 9 to 0 in 5 minutes and 25 seconds, it counted. A 4 round match, trading to get a total of 7 rounds was completed in 4:55 and it counted. Another 4 round match for 7 total rounds, completed in 5:40 and it counted. Another 4 round, 7 total round match completed in 4:55 and it counted as well. A 5 round match, trading to get 9 total rounds took 6:32 to complete, but it did not count.

We were now 12 matches into our testing and finally had a theory. Matches that are completed in under 6 minutes appeared to be counting while those taking over 6 minutes were not. Next was another 4 round, 7 total completed in 5:08, it counted. Back to a 5 round, 9 total completed in 6:32, did not count. So tried a 10 round match with no trading, completed in 5:16 and it counted. Dropped back to 4 rounds, trading to get 7 total in 5:11, counted. Another 4 round, trading to get 7 total, but taking our time and dragging it out to 7:02, did not count. Another 4 round, 7 total, but completed in 6:09, and it did not count either.

With this knowledge, we proceeded to work on grinding out the kills Alpha and our other friend needed for them to obtain Seriously. We were worried any attempt to fix this bug could result in either it getting worse (having a shorter max match time) or that the leaderboards might get reset. Alpha had more kills, so while they both were getting kills, we set the matches to 4 rounds to keep the duration under 6 minutes. The leaderboards were consistently updating with the kills both were getting. Once Alpha unlocked Seriously, we shifted to 9 round matches for our other friend to make sure we kept the time well under the 6 minute limit. That friend unlocked Seriously a few hours ago, hence this update.

Hopefully this data will help The Coalition fix the leaderboard tracking in the original Gears. Up until October, the leaderboards had been tracking and updating after the completion of full first to 19 matches, which ended up being 37 round matches that took 40+ minutes to complete.

P.S. The XP multipliers in both verses and horde in Gears 2 Japan have stopped working again. I’ve seen folks complain about it recently, so I tested and I cannot get the multiplier to register.

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@TC_Octus @anon86589457

Aero summed up our last few months of work pretty well here so I won’t repeat it. We’re happy that we were able to finally figure out the way to complete Seriously, even if it meant we had slower progress. We were more than a bit disappointed that we’ve heard nothing on the progress for fixing this issue. I asked about this issue during multiple Dev streams dating back to November and December 2018 and despite @TC_Octus explicitly saying on the stream that TC would get in touch with me regarding this issue, to date no one reached out to ever contact me about it, neither to gather more information nor to provide updates.

That’s the reason why we never told TC our work-around despite having known about it for almost 2 months. We were skeptical that any attempt to fix it would result in TC making it worse. I checked the leaderboards today for Gears 1 and it appears that 19 round matches are counting again for some people. I’m not sure if that means that TC did finally fix the issue or not, but that does reinforce our skepticism a bit since we still haven’t heard any updates from TC on the matter. I did miss out on some of the Dev streams, so perhaps TC did mention it and I missed it (someone please let me know if I’m wrong here).

But all this just goes back to the main issue I talked about after the Lambent pack debacle: that TC needs to work on its communication with the community (here’s the thread: A Message on the Lambent Content). I’ve seen TC respond to these types of threads so I’m more than a bit disappointed that we never got any updates on this, especially since this issue may have been related to why the Ultimate Edition stats weren’t tracking either. I’m really hoping TC takes this lesson to heart, I think I’ve seen attempts by TC to improve their communication with the community since the Lambent debacle, but this issue illustrates that there is definitely still room for improvement.

But on a positive note, I now have all 7 Gears console games 100% complete.

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@TC_Octus & @anon86589457
I realize I’m probably beating a dead horse here, but if you would relay the following info to a technician who can investigate and fix this, I would appreciate it…

Both releases of Gears 2 could use some attention.

International Release - 2x XP multipler has been broken for about 2 months.
Japan Release - 44x XP multipler has been broken for about 2 months as well.


I personally have tested the Japan release several times and had friends test it as well. I do not know of anyone who has been successfull at getting the 44x XP in the last few months. Getting 2,200 XP per casual Horde wave is a huge help compared to the no multiplier 50 XP folks are getting now.

And yes, I realize these are old Legacy games made by Epic and not The Coalition. However, codes to download the full versions of Gears 1-3 & Judgement were included with Gears 4, so someone should be doing at least some maintenance for these games. Plus the multiplier on the Japan Release has stopped working a few times and The Coalition has been able to fix it in the past.


Do the stats tracking pages still exist?
I would like to check my Ultimate Edition progress.

It doesn’t appear so. I made this thread over 3 years ago and TC has made a lot of changes to their page since then. You can check your UE progress in game and the achievement progress tracker.

Sorry for resurrecting the old thread. Thought I would search rather than just creating a new thread.

I don’t believe the achievement trackers have ever worked for UE sadly.
The in game progress stats do not split competitive/casual versus stats so it’s hard to know just how much more of a grind is required because Seriously apparently is based on 10k in one category, not your cumulative kills total in versus.

Oh, please don’t get me wrong. I do like the fact that you searched and found this thread to bring it back to TC’s attention that there are continuing issues with legacy games. I was merely answering your question regarding if the legacy stats pages still exist.

I can’t speak to the specifics of UE since I haven’t touched it in years since I finished it, but at the time my in game stats and achievement trackers worked fine for me. I don’t know how things work now, but after I’d finished everything and was grinding Seriously I was able to have a friend help me boost in 2v2 gnashers. It seemed the best mode since it was a rolling lobby even though the kill count wasn’t the most efficient. I also don’t know if there are any differences between the console and PC versions in stats and achievements. Good luck.