Left Handed Camera View

So I’ve played recent games such as Red Dead Online and The Division 2, and both these are 3rd person mainly. They both have cover based combat system. Even The Division 2 is quite similar to Gears of War. It’s an over shoulder shooter.

Anyway, what bothered me was my habits to take advantage of left handed camera view. Whenever I hopped on Gears 4, be it Versus in Social or Horde, I find myself to be at disadvantage when I’m facing a wall high cover and I want to shoot around the corner on the LEFT. I’m literally forced to take cover against the wall, holding LT while moving away from wall to hold onto the left handed camera view. I don’t understand why we have to do this and this is the only way. There could have easily been something like aiming with LT while clicking the LS to switch shoulders view.

Anyway, let me know what you think. It might even turn up for Gears 5.


I fully understand your point and why you’d see the advantage. Maybe I’m too set in my ways and old-school, but I quite enjoy it being a primarily right handed camera and using the said LT cover trick. I don’t feel it would suit Gears to be able to click the right stick (or whatever) and change camera angles,

I’m sure I replied to a similar topic a long time ago, saying something along the lines of “We wouldn’t want to make things too easy, would we?”. I still stick by that, but fair enough if it were to be implemented…


Or maybe see characters (and the camera) be left-oriented if you play with the Lefty controls.

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That’s possible, I wouldn’t mind if it was an option that set the entire camera permanently on the left, as opposed to the option ingame. It was useful on old games such as Army of Two, but like I said it doesn’t suit Gears, in my opinion.


I remember Army of Two on Xbox 360. It had a permament left handed view toggle. Sometimes, I would confuse whether it was left handed or right handed view.

Rockstar games never had left handed camera view, I think. GTA Online didn’t. But they added it for Red Dead Online. I would bet it’d get added for GTA 6.

I think it is about time that left handed camera view became a thing in Gears because it’s a bit tedious and awkwards, trying to search for a wall or waist cover to do the lefty aiming on. It could just make our life easier. It’s got nothing to do with skill. But having to use covers or walls, it’s just a technique for now.

Say you’re playing Horde on higher difficulties, for instance on Inconceivable at Wave 41+ where enemy damage is increased by 2.5x and you have 2.5x damage taken as well. A team member on left side, will have easier time with right handed camera view. The player on right side, they have to lean against the wall to look around… they could have just switched shoulders to left handed view. But like I said, awkwards.

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Oh? I was sure it was easy to switch if I recall, that was a long time ago mind you. GTA V didn’t have a left handed view, no.

Yes, I fully understand as there’s been many times for me where it would be useful, but I stand by my points above. For Horde, I’m not bothered. But it’s part of the fun in Versus. In fact, it’s an advantage at times. People brutally, and very fatally, underestimate you when they have the “right hand advantage”.


There have been instances when i have played gow where if you do a quick pop up from cover you can get a left handed view although it’s very rare .

Well it works in Battlefront 2