Leaving the game

(SaSuKe One) #24

Gears is now for me a love and hate game!

I love the game when its working fairly,i really do!
hope they choose to do something about the high pings. Like putting players with 300-400 pingers,with other teammates with the same ping. VS Enemy with the same ping. It will level the playing field. Cause like it is now is bad,

I consistently see high pinging Onyx medals,that i out perfome. I often see the two top players on each team has s high ping,wich confirmes that this game is catering too high pingers by mistake. Im not blind,this os happening too much to be a coincedence my friends.

This F’s up the ranking as well.
when ok players with high ping gets better, gnasher duel advantages wich gets u better ranking advantages because of kills,and such.
It will end up the system giving players that arnt really that good,getting medals that are wrong. All the time.

And a good player has to play much harder,because high pingers sponges,trading is slower for you,the input lag is worse, and u end up not getting ranked by your True Skill level. We end up scratching our head and thinking this is unfair.

All off this is because the system works against low pingers.


(Omen LP) #25

I use LFG when all of my regular team mates are already squadded or not on (I come online later than most of my regular teammates so they are usually full)… I only look for koth games. Most of the posts are onyx+ so I don’t qualify, from the others I sometimes end up with a really bad squad, rarely with an amazing one, most of the time they are average… So the whole range… but, at least, MOST of the time, no one quits. That’s my biggest ■■■■■ about randoms…