Leaving the game

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Because you quit and lost maybe?

(GB6 Kazuya) #3

Topics like this never cease to amaze me. :joy:


Lemme grab my popcorn. This is gonna be good.

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Yes, but I believe the question he intends to ask is:

Why is it possible to lose rank once you’ve quit a match once the quit to menu option becomes available because anther player quit?

The answer OP:

The system is designed like this to prevent abuse - imagine playing a 5 man stack with one smurf account that quits when they think they will lose. This would allow them all to quit and avoid a penalty to rank.

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Don’t ever quit… ever.

If you care about your rank you have to stay and do your best even if it’s 1v5 and you’re getting slaughtered.

I’m D3 in KOTH and played a match the other day, many here saw the post about it, when 3 people on my team quit in round 3. I lost of course.

I still managed to secure MVP.

I went down 8% in rank, however, I know it wasn’t due to that match - it was due to moderate performance in two or three previous games and this was my first loss since those games. Time to pay what is owed for the dropping of my background skill rating.

Think of gears rank like a performance scale and not a black and white, match for match ratio.

This doesn’t count if you quit though.

(The Evil Moo) #7

I’m not sure I remember, but does a win count if the other team has quitters?

(AliceInChainsaw) #8

Yeah, it counts, but it gets fuzzy as to how it impacts your rating.

It depends on when they quit. If they quit in the beginning then it’s probably going to lower your skill movement… but if they quit at the very end it’s a minimal impact.

No matter what you get a win of course - but that skill rating that we can’t see is what we have to guesstimate.

That’s one number I wish we could see because even a winning match can lower your skill rating (if you are under performing)

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That’s all I read before scrolling down to instantly give a thumbs up. Instantly.

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If you keep on quitting core /completive matches you will eventually get an 90 day ban (3 month ban) If you care about your rank it not cool for you to screwing over your other 4 teammates at the end of the day it hurts your rank too. If you can’t handle playing rank matches just go play social or horde.

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The problem in Ranked,
its there is too many quitters.
Too many semi good players,with high 1000-1500pingers that are always on top in K/D.
And have unfairly high rank medals because of it.
Too many uneven matches in example: team diamond vs team of silvers??
I dont have a chance too rank up solo,something u shoud coud do.

even if im on top of the list in winning matches often and in loosing matches very often, and i dont get to elevate myself higher in ranking?

Because its taking winning and loosing in too much consideration,rather than individually perfomance!
If Coalition wants to make it succesfully and have a good Rep. And players to respect the god awfull Rank.
They have too earn it by fixing this crap.
Because people in the Gamer community dont take this serious anymore.
Its only for teams too rank up,not solos.
I see a lot of team players getting boosted,and this is too much. I have uninstalled and never ever ever ever going to reinstall this you call a fun and competetive gaming! LoL

(Omen LP) #12

I was in a game last night against all onyx3 team. I am gold2. Clearly I didnt do much in the game, and got some hate mail from one of my team mates about my “lack of contribution” (which I found funny since he was an Onyx3 and just 1 spot above me in overall standing), but I never thought to quit…

It’s extremely hard to stay competitive in an objective game mode like koth a person down… you quit, I have no sympathy for you…


A few weeks ago I played a TDM match where for the first couple minutes I didn’t get any kills. It was literally 1-2 minutes, and yet there was global messages telling me to pick up the slack.

The only times that I have ever quit are either family emergencies (which are rare) or when my ping is 600+ making the game completely unplayable, as well as making everyone else’s ping spike (not quite as rare)

(Krylon Blue) #16

I agree.

The only time I quit was when I ran into a cheater yesterday that was aimbotting and possibly DDOS my team one by one. I lost over 30% even though I was given the option to do so. Quite annoying but oh well. Wasn’t going to deal with a cheater.

(GB6 Kazuya) #17

It’s worth the sacrifice, they don’t deserve the satisfaction of killing you. It’s disgusting people still need to go so low and use aimbots.

(Omen LP) #18

Last night I ended up replying to a KOTH LFG post, but somehow they started a TDM… Not only it’s not my mode (silver), BUT we had a diamond and high onyxes on the squad!! We went against all onyx3+ team… Horrible!

The squad leader, who made the post, QUIT ON US! Really, dude?? I, obviously, was negative, but I tried to adust, I stayed away from gnasher combat, and did better than a couple of higher ranked players… But I never thought to quit.

Haha, immediately after that I jumped into a friend’s squad, for koth, AND THAT quitter guy joins us (he must have responded to my friend’s lfg post). I told them I wont play with him, who abandoned his team when going got tough.

I HATE quitters who leave because things get tough… (cheaters are a different issue)…

(Krylon Blue) #20

I’ve found LFG to be a horrible experience for versus matches.

(Me0wMix CatFood) #21

I’ve never used the feature myself but I’ve had teammates use it when they wanted to fill a squad and it was the a**-end of awful, every time.

I’m my experience, they were mostly sweaties with social disfunctions that keep them from being able to regularly squad up with people. Not saying everyone who uses LFG is, but the guys who joined us sure were. Tense. Blaming. Poor communication. Felt more like working the line in a kitchen than playing a video game.

(AliceInChainsaw) #22

I’ve been invited to games after matches before and played with strangers in their squad who end up being verbally abusive to each other over mic… I don’t mean playing around having fun… Like… actual screamfests at each other.

Awkward doesn’t begin to describe it.

I’ve also been invited to play with a squad of mexicans before where one guy speaks okay english and translates everything to me and then back to everyone else.

Also awkward.

I’ll take the spanish translator squad every day over the first though.

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I thought you meant leaving the game as in uninstalling it…i was gonna say i already did that