Leaving on Inconceivable

Why do people keep leaving on Inconceivable whenever there’s a daily horde grind, I always find myself on wave 12 and we sometimes lose that round, everyone leaves, even earlier rounds too. Does this happen alot to anyone ?

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I’m guilty of this, after playing nothing but masters it’s often much easier to get an inconceivable game for the daily. I see very few people playing them on masters . So I’m so used to not being able to die. I back out and start another. Also quite often people run survivor on incon so they can drop a harder mutator.

I do need to make sure I don’t back out too fast.


I also keep forgetting Survivor isn’t always on. I would’ve left from a very good group one time if the host wasn’t screaming through his mic at us to stay since the modifier wasn’t enabled.
Thanks TC for programming an autopilot function into me.


As the others said, dropping is generally an autopilot thing.
I do try to check if survivor is on or not, but honestly, it’s mostly on anyways since as danny says there is usually a harder mutator that is skipped.

I mostly play as mechanic / robotics expert. If we fail the wave while all of our defenses are at their full, I will quit it. You almost always lose all of your fortifications and don’t have enough resources to build them all over again when you restart the wave.

With that being said, I always consider staying in depending on the deposit situation and how much energy people are carrying on them. If the total comes to 30k~ish amount, I will just switch to the delay tactics and build nothing but Lv 2 barriers and shock turrets. If that is not the case I’m always leaving because most of the time it is not possible to do it. If you fail it on first try when you have all of your structures at their full capacity, you are unlikely to succeed on second or later tries.