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Leaving Horde 20 waves in

Idk if it’s just me… but I keep getting and hosting games, where people only stay til wave 20 then leave…and people who join (custom) leave near the end of 21 or imediantly. Is there something new, or is it daily challenges that is the reason? I’ve never encountered a daily for anything like 20 waves or wave 20. Just curious cause I’ve gotten abandoned in some really good games that could have gone all the way with little trouble…


Unfortunately, that was pretty much the standard in Gears 4.


Unfortunately, due to how long an entire 50wave horde match can last, this will always be an issue. Sometimes people just want to hit a few waves of horde before doing something else. It sucks, I know, but the best way to get around it is to party up with people who are willing to complete it.


Sometimes it’s challenges. I have a 25 wave today but I just stay to 50 because it’s wack to leave.


It could also be the stars/tour of duty/In horde you have to get 15,000 kills/9,0000kills/1million light,build 3.000 fortifications,etc,etc,Not saying it’s right that gamers should leave early on.I know how u feel thou OP😔


Agree with OP it seems to becoming a regular event these days.

I too point to the Tour of Duty dailies possibly being at fault as suggested and would like to see 25 wave horde being an offering and then the dailies linked to what could be done in 25 waves.

As in 50 wave horde we have mid “x5” level boss waves with things like two Wardens who can wreck a base quicker then most “x0” boss waves … So make a 25 wave horde with boss waves every 5 waves

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But that was because of the challenges there are no “Complete Waves 1 - 20” challenges in Gears 5.

It wasn’t really the bounties. It happened even at the end when no one cared about bounties anymore. 50 waves is just too much for most people. They either get bored or life gets in the way. I’m a big proponent of 25 wave Hordes.


Thankfully, if you host your games on the public lobbies, people can join in progress. If I only have time for 20 waves, I’d rather join a match on wave 30, rather than wave 1.

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Didn’t Gears 4 introduce a condensed horde mode? I had moved on by that point but seem to recall their being a shorter mode of about 25 waves. Maybe ai just imagined it. But personally I would really welcome such a mode and would play it every day. I can do 90 minute session after work but not 3 hours.

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I’m used to goin all 50, since Gears 2, horde has been my favorite mode besides guardian, but I do admit it was very nice to have that 25 wave option, specially monster mash. So i do hope they introduce the option in 5. Might even make those lookin to go all the way have an easier time too. You guys have some good insight, thanks.

I’ve been having the same problem lately, OP. Out of the 6-7 Horde games that I started up yesterday, only 1 of those games went all the way to wave 50. Had 2 players bail around wave 20. Then the other 2 quit around 30. It is very frustrating, especially considering how well we were doing.

There is a complete 25 waves and complete 35 waves daily tod medal.

There might be others, but I’ve only had those two

I’d rather play Wave 41-50 multiple times than spending up to 6 hours straight on full Horde match, and I mean by that Master difficulty,

Ironically, my only and my first Master Horde score didn’t count out on leaderboards and I only got some junky cards too.

So tell me, why bother?


Don’t blame the players. TC perfectly knows this and yet they do not offer a permanent 10 or 25 waves. Notice how the game is even longer now. It takes like 1x more time to finish a wave compared to G4. Fix these issues and if after that, players still bailed without rejoining the game (if rejoin were to be implemented) then drop the punishment hammer on us.


*daily challenge

Small distinction, and I’m sure most people knew what I meant