Leaving games and getting a massive point loss

So we lost a player in the first round. Menu pops up to leave in the 2nd so we can get a 5th back for our squad. So we leave as the round starts.

I lose 1500. Another lost 2000 in the second round because why?

That’s not right. Not right at all.

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It is part of TC logic: u win u did mvp : u win ZERO. U lose cuz quitter on the begining : minus insane pts :).

Ive reached the point after tonight of trying to figure anything out with this game. The way everything works in this game, id swear that red headed kid from the movie problem child had been cloned about 300 ,times. And every employee at TC was that guy. Ranked is ■■■■■■. Everyone with 1/4 of a brain knows this. I won 6 games of koth in a row the other might…gained about 500-600 points. Lost a match to a team that was favored by 6,000. 2-1…lost 800. Do well…get 0 points …do bad and lose…gain 150. There is no rhyme or reason.to rank. Its a chimp throwing darts at a scoreboard after a match that determines your score.
If a player quits, after that match everyone should be able to quit with no penalty. So losing 1500’-2000 points is about right.

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To top it off the dude who’s internet dropped got a 15 minute penalty as well. It wasnt a fun night

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@xdragonplasmax i have hardwired ethernet fiber to my router. I had a match crash and kick me recently. By the time I could log back in the match had ended. I received a 15 minute suspension for that also. And im not a serial quitter either
Ive quit a total of 1,match out of hundreds. And it was because of an.issue with my kid.

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Oh yeah. I’ve quit two games on g5 cold Turkey. The other two times the game crashed but I managed to get back in to at least one of them.

Why you even complaining about it at this point?

I’ve won 4 games in a row in diamond 3 and gained 14% and when I lost a single game even though I was the MVP of my team I lost 12%. I wish they updated whats broken with the game as frequently as they update the store.

Because it’s annoying…how can you screw up such a layup of a game?