Leavers in ranked

I just had a player leave my ranked game 5 seconds after it started, and the match just continued as a 4v5. Why is this how ranked works? Can we get a grace period of 2 or 3 minutes at the start of the match where if a player leaves, the match will disband, and only the leaver will suffer a loss? That’s what Overwatch’s competitive mode has.

Why? So you can get punished for winning the first push?

Just bring back the old Social playlists. ■■■■ rank, people are gonna always quit, might as well having rolling lobbies in whatever mode I want to play.

If you think being forced to play a game with fair, 5v5, teams is “punishment,” then yes.

Personally, if I cap the hill on the first push and then an enemy leaves, I’d rather be put in a new game than have to play it out with an unfair advantage.