Leave one game after 2 people left and get 5 day suspension. Bye gears

This punishment made me decide to quit gears 5 for good. Just got off a 3 day suspension and played one game and two of my team mates left making it 3 vs 5 so i left also and now i got 5 days? Please coalition KYS
Never ever buying anything gears again.


Do you leave alot? The first ban is 30 minutes.

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No i left this one game cause 2 of my team mates left making the match be pointless and i got punished. This game is complete ■■■■ honestly

If this happened to me it would be enough to push me to quitting the game too. I’m on the edge lol.


Well if a single player leaves a match it increase the likelihood of others leaving.

I do this in horde especially on the higher difficulties because of how much more difficult it is to survive with less shared power, less damage output and 1 less person available to revive me.

I would not appreciate do not appreciate quit penalties on a game I paid money for so I hope they don’t touch horde.

4 Vs 5 is difficult without Comms and cooperation so if that doesn’t happen it would be logical to leave would it not be? Otherwise somewhat easy win for the enemy team. This punishes the player because they end up with a loss or a quit penalty again, for a game they paid for.

Well a simple look at your post history has you making posts about all the other games you have left because of bad team mates etc… So shut up with your “1 game” lies.


Think some peeps mentioned an option to forfeit if teammates leave…i only play a little verses and quitting is still happily going on…i agree with sensible penalties…but the servers are a shitshow in all modes…AAA game thats nothing short of embarrassing and peeps still defend it lmao


This is what I was thinking, you don’t just jump to such a high ban length for no reason.

I doubt they will do this with horde. I started using the private match browser - people are way more competent and if someones leaves, someone else can easily join up.


Closing thread.

If you have a high amount of quits and keep quitting you will face increasing length of suspension.