"Learned the Hard Way" achievement broken?

Please tell me this achievement isn’t broken? I stayed up and played Insane in campaign for 14 HOURS in a row to beat that joke of a difficulty, and I don’t have the achievement… I don’t actually care about that SPECIFIC achievement. I care about the fact that it didn’t count towards my “Seriously 4.0”. I hopped off the game, and hopped back and got the Inconceivable difficulty which is only given by beating all acts on Insane. I swear to god if I have to do the ENTIRE campaign again, I will squeeze my balls into oblivion.

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Even though you surely played them all, I’d look and make sure every single chapter registers as completed on insane.

Then I would do a hard reset on your Xbox and check again.

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Alright. I’ll try that. It better be that one of the chapters didn’t count, because so help me God, if I have to play that campaign over again…

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Yeah no joke. Hopefully there’s just like one chapter that didn’t register. I had problems with certain chapters not registering when I did the co-op on hardcore thing.

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I’m really hoping so, but at the same time, not really. The checkpoints are unforgiving in this game. I literally had to take a shower after beating the campaign. I smelt so bad, and was sweating so much from screaming at my monitor. I fought the Scion Swarmak for 3 hours… was about to yeet my controller out the window.

EDIT: They all count as played on Insane… This cannot ACTUALLY be happening right now…
So I just lost 10 years of my mental life from playing this ruthless of a difficulty, and received nothing for it. Absolutely amazing.

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I know this sounds weird but I would try playing another chapter After I gathered a bit of sanity lol. Maybe chapter 1 or something “easy”.

Another thing of course is shooting a DM to the coalition on Twitter. I really doubt anything will come of that though.

Did you try a hard reset? (Hold power button down until console shuts off)

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I always shut down my console with a hard reset, So I don’t think that’d be it. But yea, I guess I can try to muster up the courage to go back into another chapter… I’ll let you know if I die along the way.

EDIT: Didn’t work, sadly.

Sadly indeed. I hope someone else chimes in who can be of more assistance. I’m in the process of completing insane campaign myself for the seriously achievement.

My guess is there’s a chapter somewhere that didn’t completely register even though it says it did. But I really don’t know.

Welp, that sucks. I wish you the best of luck with the campaign! As it requires no skill, just luck.

EDIT: It worked! I just checked my list and it updated. Oh my god, finally! I had to replay a chapter on Insane for it to reload. It just never popped up on my screen. Thank you again!

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Awesome dude, glad to hear that. :+1::+1:

Replaying the last boss on Insane would pop up the achievement…,

Same thing happened to me long time ago, I’ve done that just to unlock it.

I played Act 1: Chapter 1, and boom, All good.