Leaderboards screwed?

So I was looking at the ranked leaderboards and noticed that some people have straight up absurd scores there, like 18k kills a minute, so on and so on. Is this a bug or are they cheating? Seems like if it is cheating would be a good idea to ban those players.

Definitely a bug. It’s impossible to get 18k kills per min, even if they were cheating

I mean, I wouldn’t be so sure since you can easily spoof kills to the server

I haven’t heard of anyone doing that, but if you have any evidence, I’m sure TC would love to see it, so it can be patched

I’m more speculating on the matters, I wouldn’t be able to offer any evidence unless I saw someone doing (which I would of course gather the evidence). I do think it needs to be fixed if TC wants this game to be a successful esport though. Leaderboards are important