Leaderboards-all about Volume. Period

I was just looking at the stats of players leading the boards in control. And as we all know its 1000% about matches played. Period. The #1 player has played 2100 matches. Yet his k/d rate is .8. His mvp percentage is around 14% of his matches…basically 1 out of 10. Im not trying to dog the guy. But my stats are very close to his, yet ive only played 117 matches. I mean, his ranking and achievement of an earned cosmetic is simply bc he doesnt do anything else but play video games. Your amount of free time shouldnt dictate whether or.not you achieve a cosmetic for an achievement. The elo system was much better. Just my thoughts. If they are gonna do leaderboards, their should be a match minimum, then your rank is by your stats. Not by hours played.

check the #4 player in tdm his stats suck.


There are some very strange stats and even more questionable achievement unlocks for some of the top 100 players as well.
Such as reupping 6 times in 1 day way before the global reup patch but that’s another topic.
I agree the old ranked was much better.

There should be a minimum k/d in order to qualify for rewards in non-objective modes where the aim is to get more kills than deaths. Like, if your k/d is less than 1 in tdm, then you’re actually a liability to your team. At 0.8, you don’t even belong in the top 1000, let alone top 100.


@todo_ese_jugo just to clarify-control was what I was looking at. Im pretty sure you got that. Again, i wasnt trying to dump on someones stats. Im just saying that the #1 guy is #1 just bc he has time to play’a lot. His stats dont really reflect a #1 player in gears. Sadly-he also had 28 disconnects from ranked matches. Nobody else I saw had more than 1.

Oh yeah, sorry I must have got confused. There was another guy yesterday who is top 100 in tdm also with a 0.8 k/d, arguing with everyone that the top 100 was all about skill, lol.


Be grateful we have leaderboards. At this rate, I see TC deleting any kind of “competitive” categories lmao.

there’s noting inherently wrong with a Leaderboard/Score Attack system but when this is the only way to play competitively it becomes a mundane treadmill.

I’m disappointed how we’ve had zero dialog with TC on this system.


@JUS_B4_DYIN would like a word with you


@JUS_B4_DYIN don’t let Pack talk smack bout you


the leaderboard should be a leader board.

Total Kills leaderboard

K/D/A LeaderBoard

Total Wins Leaderboard

then specific Modes for example control:

Total Caps (Top 1000) or
Total Breaks (Top 1000) or
Total Wins (Top 1000) this is way more logical.
K/D/A (this should be recorded in general.)

i honestly dont know why they did Points. They have the stats recorded already …why not record that for top 1000 .
They have more than enough space to show the tracker for caps, breaks and wins on the side of the screen.


It may be being tested. When the season is over, TC will look at the Top score #1, to consider establishing point increments or ranges.
Example: The medallists “Masters or Grand Masters” will have to have + 20 million pounts. Gone as it is that is going to be the case. The Top #1000 is already no longer at 3 million but more.

@JUS_B4_DYIN don’t let @TC_Clown boss you around.


You’re right. I shouldn’t talk smack. @JUS_B4_DYIN has a 0.88 K/D in TDM only because thousands of his kills are stolen. He’s a truly legendary player that deserves to be top 100.

Please send him my apologies for my last post :frowning:


They need to remove control game mode from competitive. You have players who get 60+ breaks in a single match. Zero skill required just walking in and out of a ring and earning a break.

The leaderboards can be skewed by this exploit.

This is why KOTH needs to be brought back to competitive.

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I’m surprised this is still a thing. You’d think they would fix it the second day after its release.

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Yes, but with the old ranking system


I honestly want them to fix the quitters and leavers situation. i feel like its a plague rn in ranked.


Leaderboards have always been about the amount of points you have, not your k/d …lol. so obviously the guy who plays more has a higher leaderboard rank.

Yeah but I know the dude who is number 1 on control. He isn’t good. He just plays a lot. Like more than you and I combined .