Lazer tag game mode

dodgeball is by far my favorite multiplayer PVP varient across any online game. the concept behind the mode is brilliant, however, what would you say to adding some fun social variants to dodgeball with the same main concept of one life, kill to revive teammate, now turn that into a lazar tag mode where the skins change to a full black primary color with cog and bright blue accents illuminating off the armor and with same the locus but bright red accents. only head shots can count for kills. everyone has the same weapon that can change between rounds and ammo only spawns at or near “home base”.

Ah see I saw Lazer Tag and had immediate flashbacks. The mode already exists, me and my buddies play Gears UE, 2v2 and you’re only allowed to use the HOD and Smokes. It’s much funner that way.

How about “Tig”.

Absolute classic.

And Kerby.