Lay of the land achievement question

Which playlists currently have lift on rotation because I’ve been playing coop vs ai for hours and no luck? Thank you

Try ranked TDM or KOTH. It comes up more in KOTH and almost always gets voted for.

I unlocked it upon launching the game but could this also be done in private like the others?

As Krylon Blue said, it can be done in private versus.

Don’t wanna sound big headed but I’m going to… It’s an absolute joke the versus achievements can be done this way. I unlocked them all retroactively when loading up operation 3. I started seeing non versus players in my friends list getting the same achievements over the last few days… Now I know why. Makes them feel like worthless achievements.

“Worthless” you say.
You have hit the nail on the head…achievements mean F -all in most of not all cases, and outside of gaming, and/or “bragging” rights with friends, no one else in the world gives an F.

I’m not having a pop at you by the way, I’m more than happy to unlock some, (i’m also on TA) and from the get go on 360 I thought they were a good way to spend more time and different ways of playing your games.

in fairness I prefer the tile art that comes with the cheveo, some Developers and games really put effort in, TC do, others do not.

Just enjoy the game and try not to worry what your mates have.:+1::ok_hand:

So you don’t care that I got to the top of the TA leaderboards for Gears of War achievements? oh my!

(In all seriousness I don’t expect anyone to care).

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I will care of you want me to care :wink:


Quite funny you say that. I’ve found people that say things like that normally can’t get them for whatever reason. Usually a skill gap somewhere.

Joking aside, why do we bother playing these make believe, pointless waste of time games? Maybe for some, it’s the competitiveness of it, where as some enjoy it more for the mindless addiction or escape from real life.

No arguements with you dude, it’s just how it is from my point of view. This game has been dumbed down enough as it is, making it easier for players to be carried and almost gifted the achievements some take pride in the challenge of completing.

Fair points.
Don’t forget “we” could cheese cheveos back in Gears 2 (Seriously 2.0 on the Brumak) and campaigns done with you on insane hanging back, while you mate raced ahead on easy

Also some cheveos are excellently thought out and do have an element of skill others are “press start”

I’m amazed at the amount of achievements on Gears 4 that are still “rare” 4 years after release and less than 10% of Gears players have, again pointing to the lack of meaning or lack of players ?

I did as well… its the All Fathers one(the one where you gotta play on every map combo) I thought was gonna be a pain, with all the different combos and 0 clue which ones Ive played on, but apparently ive done did all the normal versus combos because that one popped as soon as I played my 1st game on the 2v2 version

Private matches also work for blitz and FFA achievements