Launch Customisation Content = Trash

While the servers are In chaos and the campaign buggy as all hell, let’s talk about Customisation content.

It’s bad.

We have 19 pride flags but no cool flags referencing Gears characters?

The campaign character skins should be in the supply not in the tour or medal system.

Characters. Where they at? I’m not asking for the whole gears universe at launch, I’m asking for the characters that are featured in campaign and we have seen months ago to be in the game at launch.

Isn’t post launch content meant to be made… post launch?

Two weapon skin sets at launch and one is terrible? Ok, whatever

And what’s with the gnashes only in medal and tour? Just weird choice.

The store would be ok if this wasn’t a full priced game that I personally spent $80 on,
Expressions aren’t universal and cost £10 for a character saying thanks.

Overall 10/10 NOTHING IS WRONG.


Yeah talk about the pointless bloodsprays. Who in their right mind thought it would be a good idea to have bloodsprays as customization.

As if players would pauze mid-game and enjoy the sprays left by somebody on the ground. Like enjoying a painting or something. :rofl:

At least the weekly drops from G4 gave you a ton of content including new characters.


The concept of Bloodsprays is really poor.


It is so poor. Seriously putting me off even getting into mp, well that and the awful launch.

…at least the store is working, pathetic really.

Who would have thought a lot of us would welcome back the Gears 4 model,


You mean you don’t find banners, marking icons, and blood sprays meaningful content?

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The amount of pride flags is ridiculous… I no longer care that much about customisation content, but having only 3/4 skins to choose from at launch is kinda lame if you ask me.

That, and non universal expressions are a big mistake as well.


i’m glad there are so many pride flags. i’m not particularly thrilled about them being so hard to get though. i kind of miss being able to sell the customization items i don’t want for scrap so i could use that scrap on the things that i want. right now my friends and i have to grind to get the pride flags we want and that’s kind of weak.

just remember that gears 4 got a ton of post-launch content. i’m sure they’ll release more on tuesday when the game “actually” launches too with the day 1 patch. and i’m sure they have plenty of plans to add more stuff afterwards.

Their definitely will not be any more content on Tuesday and no meaningful content (besides the paid store) until the next operation in 3 months.


The store will never go down or be glitchy, dont worry you can spend your money on rubbish, while literally everything else in the game breaks down around you and TC laugh as they burn the franchise we all used to love, so sad

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Yeah, it’s pretty disappointing. I’ve never been so disappointed of a Gears game in my life. Don’t crucify me for saying this, but Judgment’s cosmetics were 10x more creative and abundant than GoW5’s at launch. Hell, GoW1 puts this game to shame because I can actually unlock characters just for doing the campaign unlike GoW5 which decides to lock campaign variations of the main characters and single weapon camo’s behind limited-time medals (Which should be permanent like GoW3’s medals) and an obscene take on a battle pass. In my opinion, GoW1’s Versus roster exceeds the current GoW5 roster for me right now. Still can’t believe they launched the game like this with no way to earn legacy, or new characters. Baird, Cole and Dom were a given and should’ve been in at launch, but they’re keeping them hostage so they can drip-feed them to us through the ToD or lock each of them behind a 2,500 Iron paywall in the shop.

Might I add that CoD: MW’s beta had more interesting cosmetic content than this game, and it was a beta! The calling cards and icons were unique and animated, and is leagues better than GoW5’s cosmetics. GoW5’s excuse for cosmetic (Bloodsprays, banners, spotting icons, expressions, etc) are just laughable. It’s even worse that in order to get a simple Finger Point expression you need to finish all 6 of the Escape medals to obtain it. No extraordinary weapon skin set or brag-worthy character for your efforts. Just a finger point! Well worth the numerous amount of hours that I put into Escape, I must say.