Laugh expression

Best 100 scrap I ever spent

And my man keegan has the best one

:joy: :joy: :joy: :joy:

Keegan’s laughing is so absurd it is actually funny. But Del or the female COG Gear? They can burn in hell for that obnoxious laugh.

Some people may also find Lizzie’s to be annoying if spammed. I didn’t particularly mind it when first hearing it but I can see how some may not like it.


Apparently you haven’t heard Casan’s laugh or Lizzie’s. Love using them cause of how they sound and they annoy people a lot.

Or he just likes to annoy people. Compared to Casan’s or Del’s laugh I find Lizzie’s to be more than tolerable.

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I wish I had 100 extra scrap. I have to carry the guys that use scrap for laughs and not skill card upgrades.


I am surprised but the amount of uses the emotes get. Bare in mind most of us hated the idea, and probably still do.

I really only use Take/Capture the objective in team mates faces…when someone is afk!

The expressions are great, I love them. They can have a functional use (like ‘Group up!’ in Escape), can be hilarious and can actually contribute to team building.

A mate of mine uses Casan’s laugh expression to antagonise the opposing team in Versus. Apparently, people can get so annoyed about it that they start rushing him, making it easy for him to kill them. Genius.

So 100 scrap (not Iron) unlocks the laugh for ALL characters?

Played a horde game earlier and everytime I did the crazy laugh a guy as fahz just went “you magnificent beast” lol

That Keegan laugh is so ridiculous I’m considering getting this game at a discount just to troll people online

“******* spotted!” needs to be added back into this game. TC is weakwilled by pandering to pansy losers who don’t have the acorns to play this series.

We need more expressions and emotes I missed the get hype one

The last Casan who tried that on me got bumrushed by my entire team and was slaughtered.

She really tried it as the last one standing. I actually baited her into doing it by playing RAAM’s laugh.

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I love Lizzie’s laugh. It’s hilarious.I did a Jingle Juvies run where it was just Keegan and Lizzie laughing back and forth constantly after every wave, and I was dying of laughter.