Latest Update for PC version is no longer playable

I’ve just opened the game after 3 weeks of not playing and I just noticed that I can’t move freely without getting frozen for 2-3 seconds despite the FPS stats are still the regular ones.

I’ve tried to lower the visual settings to the lowest but it’s still the same.

I can’t post a video of the current issue, but I could sure share the dump file, I guess?

So, has been any update that PC palyers are not aware of?

Edit 1:

I’ve re-installed the game and made sure that no app is running in the background, as well as I reverted the driver back to the optimized one that goes back to 30 September, 2020, and I’m still facing the same problem.

I recall that I played the game without any issues three weeks ago, and I’ve not done any OS update except today after I stumbled upon the problem to check whether it’s the main cause and still the issue remains.

Edit 2:

I’m downloading Gears 4 to see if my current hardware is the issue although I suspect that because I’m currently playing another game that is hellishly unoptimized in ultra settings with no bottlenecks overhead.

Edit 3:

Gears 4 is running smooth in Ultra settings with another game running in parallel as well…

One off-topic bonus:

@jmelia123 Any thoughts?

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@TC_Shauny any thoughts please, ticket is currently be raised.

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we’re going to need the ticket as we’ll need the DX Diag from the system please.


Ticket No. 59436

I’ve uploaded the DXDiag file within the ticket.


Update drivers? I got blue screened after never have g issues. After the previous update. Was driver related.

Edit: I can’t seem to find a match now. In queue for 6+ for ranked tdm, tried exe 2.0 and never joined a game.

After for some reason the game or the xbox app never informed me of an update until after 2 full system restarts and multiple checks and launching program

Case closed! Got resolved indirectly with the latest update!


Glad to hear that mate :slight_smile:

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