Latest gnasher update is live (Main thread)

Sounds like comp gnasher to me :wink: :smile:

Would stil have liked to have played with it off though, I’d turn off all the help if I could.

Its still too OP

Unless it runs on gears 1 settings, probably not.
I’ll concede that the poke range change is getting too close to g2 shottysnipe/g3 cross map, one pellet downs though. I hated that.

After this Update now it seems that high ping players gettin more benefits. Played a few matches and got super frustraded how these guys sponge my shots. Anyone else experienced this also??


Yes actually I noticed it. Starting to feel like gears 4 where south of the border player’s just walk up now and seems like gibs work for them. Honestly idk what to think about update. It’s what we have to work with. Did they change any movement mechanics? Anyone? Slap shots are usless now it use to be a semi counter to that Up a. Now it’s like 10 % damage

Crazy I might be done with this game lol


This sounds great. If the gib range was reduced slightly that is.

Why bother changing from Gears 4 if you’re gonna make it like Gears 4 again later?


I feel that

I’m liking it so far but we will see

First time playing in nearly 2 months, I had changed my control set up to classic alt before Christmas but never played with it. The gameplay feels more like 4 now( which is an improvement in my opinion) . The new gnasher update seems more consistent, unlike me!:joy:

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I despise this update. Like some have already said, they just made the lancer even more OP. The gnasher has the same range now as the super nerfed sawed off but with even less damage now while “fixing magnetism”…like seriously wtf?!
This is nothing like 4, I still play 4 daily. I would rather play against high pingers all night in 4 than this now. I would only switch to 5 when everyone in the room avg 150-200 ping , well now I would rather stay in 4 with those pings.
When people asked for consistency I guess they thought “oh, they want to consistently see point blank shots sponge now.”

I’m loving this update. You can’t get stupid gibs and actually have to work for your kills. Millennials will hate this because it won’t be easy and handed to them.

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Hell, I’m playing on US East and we’re getting more and more of those 120-200 ms players. Honestly, it feels like after this update the higher ping players are untouchable. Shots just go right through them. Could explain the sudden influx of garbage pings.

I think this update was a move in the wrong direction. Maybe the Gnasher wasn’t quite right before, but it was certainly closer than this.


Yeah I know as am I. To top it off they “improved magnetism” again. This didnt make anything more tactical, it made it easier to sit in a corner and lancer the whole match. If it was to make the game more skill oriented they would remove magnetism and also not extended the “poke range”. I could even see if the spread was increased slightly you could reduce the gib range but this is to help out casuals stacked on each other who dont like to be gibbed by a good flank to break up said group and force them to move.

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I agree. The Gnasher update is ok as long as everything else falls in place. But overall I only had a few good matches with the Gnasher being consistent. Unlike before one or two high ping players made in a little laggy now it’s just absurd. They really are untouchable now.

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Yeah these are the kind of matches that you just want to toss your controller and walk away. Shots ghosting straight through players and when you do hit them it’s for like 37%. They just can’t leave well enough alone and go focus their development time on something content related. Sounds like this whole update was botched pretty bad based on the feedback happening in the Horde Experience thread.


Keep trolling those waters. Eventually you’ll get a bite.

Stinkface time.


reduced the spread by 100 is the cause of missed shots and 87% point blanks…

I like the fact that the gib range isnt crazy anymore
But point blanks just dont work lmao


After today’s update with moving the gib range in 1 foot I feel like the gnasher is in the best place it’s been in a long time. It feels good. It will never be perfect for everyone’s own liking. The gnasher is a complicated weapon with so many variables that plays a part in it. Before today’s update I thought the gnasher was fine but as of today I didn’t realize how far the gib range was until I played this update. Anyway I feel it’s in a great spot so please no more touching it. Stop updating things to everyone’s need and stick with your vision and roll and if they don’t like it then o well let them leave. If you try to please everyone you will please no one. No more touching starting weapons please they all feel great now. Just bring on the content characters and maps.