Late to Road to Gears

So Gold membership has Gears of War 4 on it.
I downloaded it and get my old account back but saw the event “Road to Gears” and saw the rewards. But some of them were expired already like Esports Kait and Glided RAAM. So the people that downloaded Gear of War 4 were late to the event.
I feel like that unfair in a way. So please dev make an extension

Sorry, RAAM expired something like 6 months ago and eSports Kait was specific to a tournament that happened in July.

You can still earn the other 9, but you only have until this coming Monday (9/2).

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RAAM was for the more dedicated fans as TC has stated and the Esports Kait was for the last Esports event. There will be no extentions


How’s it unfair? That’s like me hearing a Beatles song on the radio and saying that it’s unfair that they’ve split up, John and George died, and that I wasn’t born earlier to have seen them in concert.


Dude that right there is TOTALLY unfair

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Let me write a letter to John Lennon on your behalf telling him how he’s a massive knobhead for getting murdered. :wink:

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Listen here @Bleeding_Pepper Im tired of inviting you to parties and you not joining. We need to play Gears 5 together

I haven’t been online for a while now. Was away abroad for a bit, and have been jetlagged this week so when I’m not at work or eating, I’m sleeping.

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Relax. He’s just talking about his feelings. That’s a good thing.