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Gonna try and keep this shorter than my other posts, as I don’t want to waste any more energy on trying to voice concerns about the game when it is more than clear the developers do NOT care. I have to say that the amount of disappointment I feel is insurmountable. This was the title that I believed would bring the franchise back into the mainstream and gain some traction again. The game had been out for almost 3 months now, and we have received horrible patches and scraps of content. Bug fixes added more bugs instead of fixing them, like the grey-silhouette model instead of a rendered model. Micro-transactions being ridiculous in price and content(Like a 5 dollar throttle execution for the boltok??? The execution is in the game already!). A Horrible ranking system, either working to well for some, trying to work for others, and completely failing the rest of the population. ToD being an overly grindy system that forces people to play other modes to keep up their progression. Horde mode forcing players to pick a character with a class, not a class then a character after the fact. The AI being an actual meme in the game to where INSANE was a cake walk solo, and making the other modes that utilize them really boring and uninteresting. Hell, even the war journal isnt in the game. Something we’ve had in every title since GoW2 in 2008 is just gone, and now you can’t even see how many total kills you have. The rest of what was once the journal is there for the most part, but I can’t see how many kills I have with each weapon? I thought this was a sequel, one that built on the foundation of the predecessor not building off to the side of it.

Just think of this reaaaalllll quick. I dont know who likes CoD, I know I am not the biggest fan personally, but I picked up the new MW and I was really surprised by how the devs have handled the game after its release. The 725 shotgun was insanely over powered, as was the m4, and not even a whole month later they patched them into a stable and healthy state. They even added new maps, one of which was a direct response to the community outcry on their level design being “too much”, they made a traditional CoD style map SUUUPER fast to show they care. And you know what? As bad as it sounds, I’d rather support an ACTIVISON PUBLISHED GAME over this sad excuse for a game. The swift reaction the devs have done SHOWS they care. They don’t hide behind ■■■■■■ promises and dev streams that belittle the community. Take some notes, TC. You might make Gears 6 tolerable if you’re still around by then. GG


man i hear ya, i hate CoD but im about to buy the new one, i need something to play and this gears hasnt improved one bit. I stopped playing about 3 weeks ago and have been following updates but it sounds like its still a dumpster fire. im disappointed as hell :slightly_frowning_face:




It’s definitely worth checking out. Would rather play it any day over Gears 5. It’s sad that I even have to say that, but it’s true.


COD is fixing there stuff, but there is the main issues of no dead silence perk and the maps having 17 stories, 43 windows, 12 doors to open, a basement, roof, skybox and 300 boxes inside where you cant see anything. Game is catered to people who want to hide with claymores and the shottie. Both them and Gears failed this year


COD doesn’t deserve any praise for patching absolutely broken guns and Gears doesn’t deserve any for patching the broken af melee either. It’s beyond pathetic that any of that gets past the nooby game testers.

That said, TC has been super slow to fix critical issues.


I think a lot of the problems are exaggerated. Remove microtransactions or at least minimise them-tweak the aim assist(again minimise it)and repair the ranking system and matchmaking and you would have a decent game. You would like to think they would get this sorted shortly except for the microtransactions-they have went all in on them and unfortunately they look here to stay. I feel like gears has never been the same since the original trilogy anyway-judgement/garbage 4/average and now 5 which although better than judgement needs some work or it’s going to fade away quickly.

Not that this will get a reply, But…

@the-coalition see what is happening, this is not the first and I doubt it will be the last post I have read from a desperate fan so disappointed with how Gears 5 plays that they feel that they need to publicly say they are going to stop playing,

Personally I feel this is final cry for help or closure liken to the end of a relationship. As silly as that sounds, most of this community have had a intense relationship with this franchise for over 10-years with a lot of time money and effort invested.

My self for an example I have been in a relationship for 10y6m we bought a house together and all the other things people do, Natty know that gears of war was around before her and how much it means to me to play and insists that I do have time to play.
she can see my disappointment in Gears 5 and has noticed that I still playing GoW4.

Why did TC mess around so much with this game? Changing the Oman, changing weapon reticle, changing the moment, imo ruin the weapon tune. You had a good base in GoW 4 that took a few years to get right that you could of worked on and added to produce a Stella Gears game…

Instead here we are


Cod so far is alot better than gears 5


I doubt they will have saw the feedback and said, “Ahh, let’s make a new map. It will only take us 2 weeks.”

They will have held it back from release to artificially make it seem like more content is being added in the game, when really, it should’ve been in launch. This is a huge problem in the industry at the moment.

Spec Ops is still a mess, and a huge disappointment, with a distinct lack of content, and looks clearly like an after-thought to the devs.

And given that MW had an Alpha, and a Beta, having the 725 shotgun being a Sniper, and to an extent, still is a Sniper at the moment, isnt good.

Plus, IW has many different Dev studios that help them with MP and the game. Much more than TC. You would expect changes to be made quicker, because of this.

That being said, TC have been slow on changes. There are still a lot of bugs in this game.

The game honestly feels like an Anthem-level catastrophe.


You said it, could have been so much better.


To be fair, it could have been Fallout 76 levels of bad. At least in this game, some things work as they should and allow you to play as you like.

Need more content in the form of maps. Not 2, maybe 3 or 4 by now. Hammerburst as a loadout weapon. NEW GAME MODES. Capture the flag type or capture the meatshield. Something new. The game is boring, stale, and repetitive.


after not playing for some weeks i wanted to try it again.
After a few matches:


I gave up on CoD long ago. I loved MW2 when it came out but ever since that installment I see the game for what it is. A twitch shooter. The winner is not the best shot or the team working together. It’s the first person to pull the trigger. The game locks onto the target for you and if your using a fully automatic weapon there’s almost no room for failure if your the first one to fire. I loved to snipe in mw2. By snipe I don’t mean I ran around with the barret quick scoping. I mean I found a window or a grassy hill, laid on my belly and shot people across the map. No that’s not camping, that’s sniping. Camping is when you sit in a room behind a sofa with a shotgun waiting for someone to run inside.

Every since MW2s problem with snipers camping spawn points for the nuke kill streak, they’ve made maps smaller and smaller. They’ve put more object in the way so sniping is impractical now. They force you to run around like a chicken with your head cut off. If your not using a fully auto weapon with an insanely fast snap to aim your handicapped. I cant play cod anymore without feeling like I’m playing with 1 eye closed and one hand tied behind my back so I just moved on to other games.

In MW2 everyone was using a little bit of everything. Assault rifles, shotguns, sniper rifles, LMGs, launchers, shield, dual pistols, c4, semtix, smoke grenade+thermals, even a guy running around with a knife and commando perk. Now it’s almost entirely people using the exact same Assault Rifle with the same attachments and perks.

The TTK is just too fast to warrant any form of team work or reaction. The moment you hear a gun shot your dead. The only benefit of a headset is to tell people were you got shot from. If you and 2 other guys are in the same building and you drop, odds are your team mates will be shot before you can tell them what happened.

As for gears 5 I feel it’s a lost cause. I love horde mode despite all it’s issues but it’s clear TC puts the shop above all else. Versus is a far 2nd and horde/escape is at the bottom for them. I can think of plenty of things they could do to improve horde but I fear they think they aren’t making enough money to justify spending time to make those improvements. With the diminishing player basis and the constant issues with balance and more bugs being introduced with each patch I don’t think TC is up to the challenge of fixing the game. I feel they have already called it a quits and the majority of their resources is being directed towards other projects while those few remaining on Gears 5 are simply fixing bugs or tweaking existing things. I don’t expect anything “new” from here on. All I expect are bug fixes and slight adjustments. Anything that requires more work or something new is probably not profitable for them and they don’t care.

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Anyone wanna play Gears 3?

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See you back for Operation 2. Peace!


Peace out @WhiteChapel1017

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Man that M4 was ridiculous. But I’m glad they already made changes to it. Shows they trying