'Last Ditch' Skill Card

Marcus has a ‘Last Ditch’ skill card similar to that of the GoW 4’s Heavy class.

When Marcus has <80% health he gets a considerable damage bonus (up to 75%?). Despite the bonus, without fully understanding the skill, it seems to have limited utility.

If you’re playing on higher difficulties and taking damage at all, it seems like getting incapacitated is imminent. Despite that, if you’re playing with the regeneration penalty on, Marcus will be wounded for much longer, increasing the usefulness of this card.

Is there a window in which the damage buff is active OTHER than during injury that isn’t mentioned, or is it literally gone the moment he regenerates or is healed by Jack?

If it ends immediately upon being >80% health, I’d rather see a version with less of a buff, but an appropriate window AFTER being injured in which the buff is active.

Can anybody attest to it’s usefulness, or any feature not explained in the card text?

Edit: Even if Last Ditch is entirely viable, a skill card with the tweaks mentioned above could find a place in Horde.

Character deals X% more damage if injured within the past X seconds.

It fits Marcus’s flavor, encourages his role as a tank, and addresses the complaints that he’s a weak link on higher difficulties.

Don’t get hit? He can stay in cover, use his ultimate and fire his weapon without aiming and get headshots…

I don’t see its usefullness because at higher levels Marcus gets downed more easily, even for being a tank class, and even with dug in most enemies can do one or two shot downs. I don’t run with this card and I find it ineffective.


Edit: I take it you don’t use the card then.

Apparently you already had a preconceived notion, pointless to continue then…

That’s what I was guessing. Ran it a few times at lower difficulties. It’s not leveled so I wasn’t able to develop a fully informed opinion.

Adding a timer on it would allow him to get back up and hit back harder for a few seconds, anyway.

Dude needs some buffs to be competitive imo - but again I’m not fully leveled. I’m happy to hear from anyone that thinks he can keep up with the team and give me some pointers, though.

The thing is that even though Marcus is supposed to be a tank, most of his kit is broken and that’s why I feel he fails to perform at higher levels. He has some benefits when his LL does work and he does provide a good buddy system with Fahz’s ult and a trishot but he needs to be fixed so that his kit actually works as intendend and his ult works all the time instead of when it damn well feels like it. He needs to have more health if he’s going to be a tank and be able to actually take the damange and get stim.

I will say, however, that if you stay in cover and use heavy weapons he is pretty useful but then you’re not as useful to your team just staying in back with a trishot or your rifle. I run rifle feedback, extended mag, dug in, band of brothers and I alternate his chainsaw perk that feeds LL and customer lancer. The Chainsaw card works really well against rejects since they’re melee enemies and I can grab a bunch of kills that way on the beginning waves after the boss.

The other issue is that Marcus and Fahz combo works okay, but it can’t compete with a full bleed Kait.

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Agreed on needing more health. I assume most players wouldn’t want to be relegated to hiding in the back with a trishot as the baddest character in the series.

Just got Rifle Feedback so hopefully that increases the viability of LL

It does, but the thing with rifle feedback is you have to combine that with extended mag so that when you put lancer fire out, or any rifle (claw, hammerburst, GL) you get some LL back. I also find the damange drop off is pretty steep for the regular lancer too unless you invest in damage perks later in the game.

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COG Gear has a skill called “Razor’s Edge” where (depending on your card level) you take a decreased percentage of damage once your health has reached below a certain threshold. I feel like Marcus could use a skill likes this considering his role.

It seems like some of Marcus’ skills are ‘geared’ (pun intended) toward offensive capabilities? Maybe he should be an offense role…

His kit reads offensive but the cards themselves are broken code wise and he can’t tank the damange like he should be able to for his classification. Even with a maxed out lvl 10 health buff from perks.

I’m not remotely opposed to recycled cards between characters. Marcus should probably have Sarah’s grenade perks, and while I haven’t unlocked the Gear yet it sounds like his damage reduction would be welcome also.

Marcus seems to flounder both offensively and defensively, at least until you get the host of cards that support LL, which as discussed are broken.

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Recycling cards is fine IMO, as long as it’s not overdone.

Totally agree with this. I really haven’t seen anyone playing as Marcus stand out during a horde match. He’s kinda just there. (Maybe I’m wrong?)

Honestly I feel like despite COG Gears being classified as ‘Support’ he has way more tankier skill cards available, which maybe Marcus could have begun with (Or similar concepts)
For reference:
DODGE : X% Long range resistance
PERFECT CONDITION: -X% Damage taken when not heavily wounded
RAZOR’S EDGE: X% Damage resistance as health lowers
(This next card is more along the lines of support, but also can assist yourself whenplaying as COG Gear to retain status as TANKY BABYYYY
KILLING BOUNTY: Killing marked target heals for X amount health
HELPFUL HEADSHOTS: Sub headshots provide X amount HP




That seems accurate lol.

Dodge and Perfect Condition don’t seem like Marcus’s style. Dude’s old. Back to Last Ditch though, combining that with Razor’s Edge might solve some problems.

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As a Marcus player who’s gotten him to 16 at the current moment, I can confirm the lack of tank and broken skill cards.


I feel for you sister. Marcus is supposed to be DADDY, but instead…he is DUDdy :cry:
#RIPMarcus #DontLeaveMeDaddy

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I know! He’s my favorite and the flag of the franchise and he’s being just … WAH!

This is my dedication to him from 4:

earned all them and now they just made me sad in this game with how he’s not very useful…

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Jealous of the collection there… I hope they add V-Day and Classic Marcus eventually at the very least. THROW ME A BONE TC, TAKE ALL OF MY IRON!!!