Laser sights on Embar

Just watched a video that has Hoffman narrating Escape mode… And saw an embar now with a fancy laser sight… Seems kinda torque bowish…

Octus mentioned AI Snipers will have lasers showing where they aim so you always know what they’re going to shoot at… but they will hit harder in return as well. But no actual laser sights, he says. I’ll look for the post and link it.

Edit :

Link added. Be sure to read his other two posts just above as well.


It gives that One Shot vibe. Except it’s not the game. It was in 3 and Judgement though.

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They can put a leaser sight on the embar but not a scope or iron sights?

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OSOK Horde if it comes back to Gears 5 is gonna look interesting in the later rounds… Laser light show…

Oh boy.

I don’t need sights for headshots with an embar :man_shrugging::man_shrugging:

It’s necessary, if you don’t have audio playing it’s hard to tell when it can shoot or not shoot

Wouldn’t it make sense to just have audio on? If you play with it off or very low then you’re only disadvantaging yourself. Game mechanics and game designs can’t, and should not have to compensate for player choices like this.

I play for fun and use music most of the time because footsteps don’t even work… or i tune out the audio of the embar because i’m focusing on something else.

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make sense?

Not really. Just because you are more casual about the game and choose to play music in the background or whatever doesn’t mean the game should be designed with that in mind. I wouldn’t expect the game to be designed to make my screen more visible if I decide to play with the TV next to a window on a sunny day. I’d either close the curtains or move the TV ao there’s no glare.

Are we trying to put deaf players at even more disadvantage? They won’t even hear EMBAR charging up. I’m in favour of that change. Even I play Gears without hearing anything. Whether someone can’t hear or listening to music, the laser sights help a lot. Laser sights work as an accessibility feature.

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