Largest thread so far. Where’s the reply button?

This thread here has +3k replies and nowhere is the button to reply.

Just want to add that Black Steel Drone is a must if not for G5 then G6, please.

All the posts in that thread including the OP has the reply button for me. I also signed in on a different browser with a different account (not a mod one, basic user) and I can still see the reply button.

It isn’t the largest by a long shot.

This thread had over 10K replies and the system automatically closed it and opened a new one.

I don’t the amount of replies is causing the issue for you.

Can you post a screenshot for how that looks for you?

I’m on my cellphone. It looks like this.

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the reply button is in that picture, its the last symbol on the right.

That is the individual reply, but I want to reply to the OP. When you scroll down, there is a reply button at the bottom of the post (in blue). However, these are too many posts to scroll down manually.

You could just tag the OP if you really wanted, and they get notified anyway when someone replies to their thread anyway.

As an alternative, you can edit the link and remove all the replies

remove those last 4 numbers and you will get to the top and then you could use the reply button to the Op directly. The first number after the name indicates the thread, the second is what post you are up to.

As a third alternative,

A direct link to the OP.

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Hey thats me :slight_smile: