Laptop keeps freezing

My laptop keeps freezing every time I try to get into a core game. I can play social perfectly fine but not core and I have no idea why, it’s super annoying though. Does anyone else have this problem?? Please help!

Sorry to hear that. Is it just today? Or how long has this been going on?

That’s super bizarre it works in one but not the other…

Does the whole machine freeze/need reboot? Or is it just the game app that crashes?

Its probably not even your laptop, its the game itself, I play on PC too, and this game freezes for me as well, this has been an issue for years now.

Nvidia or amd? Nvidia cards have known issues with this title since launch

It’s been the past 3 days

Make sure that you do a complete shut down and power up (unplug in between). If it persists, I think you may have corrupted data on your drive. As unpleasant as this is, I’d recommend reinstalling Gears.