Lanhi Blade Dancer Card Not Unlock & I'm Level 20?

I’m on Xbox one. If TC reads this, my GT is " I Lap The Flash " I’m rank 20 with all characters (yes all characters). The only card that didn’t unlock is the blade dancer for Lanhi but other have it. I was rank 20 when OP 5 started for completing it early when they released the ranks by mistake but now I don’t have access to that card. Anyone know fix?


There is currently no fix and a few other users in different existing topics have also reported this for different skills on different classes they got to level 20 before Op 5 due to the accidental release.

Just wanna say I watched your videos in YouTube for Gears and they are very helpfull mate thanks

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Your best bet is likely to submit a ticket and get TC to fix it.

Did that but did that last time when my legend rank and tour progress got reset and they never fixed. 1 week from ticket again and no fix. Don’t think they care at all.

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That blows. My guess is they will implement a fix some time within the next year or so.

Hey @I_Lap_The_Flash please check your account for the missing card.

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I also have Bullet Boost missing and reported it as early as three weeks ago,