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Language Barrier, Where Do We Draw The Line?

So I’ve been playing Gears almost every day for a decade. I played Gears 5 through the campaign and then after a couple of months of versus I stopped playing 5. I uninstalled it from all my devices and went back to Gears 4 which is much better for me. Over the last year I am finding myself in lobbys with Spanish speaking teammates. It’s getting old. Can Gears do anything about this? It’s ridiculous to have a team based game that throws random people into matches regardless of what language is spoken. Yeah I have my regular friends I roll with who all speak English. But if I have an hour to burn and just jump into a match solo why are there so many Spanish speakers getting paired with me? Seriously, I am the minority. This has been happening for over a year. Do English speaking Americans not play Gears 4?

I know quite a few Americans that can barely speak English. :rofl:



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The really is simply that the LATAM community has more people playing right now.

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I certainly agree.


Én is egyetértek ezzel! :upside_down_face:


If somebody doesn’t have a mic then how would you even know what language they were speaking?
When I play a match that goes ok even though nobody spoke a word then it gives me the impression that language doesn’t always matter if people know what to do.


Maybe those persons are using non english usernames!? :thinking:

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As long as your team mates can speak gnasher it’s all gravy


Isn’t Mikel a Russian name like Mikhail Gorbachev? :laughing:
I’d risk making a mistake to assume you spoke russian or that Anya spoke German or Francois spoke french.
If I heard someone speaking then I’d know if I was hearing non english but there are matches where I never hear anyone so if I assume a language then I might get it wrong.
And my point still stands that if nobody talks then what does it matter what language they would speak in if they did?
Saying nothing is the same in every language.

So, what happens if you were here in Europe? I read in game chat many languages (french, german, spanish, english, portuguese, language of Poland and other languages that I don’t know).

I never had any problem if the players know what to do, Trolls and new players/ players who play other shooters are here too, regardless of the language they spoke. If a troll wants to troll, doesn’t matter if you speak his/her language or not

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I personally know four languages, but I think it depends a lot on how a person is feeling as well. I very rarely feel like using French or German when playing despite understanding and speaking those languages well enough, so I primarily stick to English. Gears doesn’t seem particularly well known or popular where I live so I don’t run into anyone speaking my country’s language.

But I don’t join lobbies of players with a language I don’t understand(like Italian, Spanish). But when a lobby title is in English and when I join it there’s a host with a tag consisting or cyrillic letters and writing to me in that same form of language… well, what else can I do but leave and find another again?


Thanks for Polish, I’m learning German and I speak Spanish, so I had a mix of languages on my head and I only remembered the language on spanish (Polaco)

I had a similar “problem” with a custom horde match. Lobby name on english, host spoke french. He talked to me (audio and in-game chat) and I wrote Je ne parle pas francais. I suppose that he understand and I did my job on horde because we finished that horde and he didn’t send me another message or kick me out for no speaking his language.

Most of the time I play with randoms who speaks many languages, but for some reason a found a lot of mexicans. Maybe because I had a lot of mexican friends on my list…

From what I understand it is a common joke in Europe that goes like ->
If you speak 2 languages you’re bi-lingual,
If you speak 3 languages then you’re tri-lingual,
If you speak 1 language you’re American


I get messages from other players, often in Spanish.

Hopefully they were understanding and worked with you the best that they could once they realized you were Chinese :laughing:

Haha! You are mucking up my feed.

Actually it is “Anglophone”, not American :grin:

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Good point. So many Americans can’t even speak one very well. :joy:

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My post is specific to people speaking Spanish. As I mentioned the occasional message in Spanish I still don’t feel the relevance to your responses. Thanks for your opinion though. Not!!! :joy::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: