I really despise the lancer. I wish they would just take lancers out of ranked and put them to quickplay, or use them as a pick up in ranked lol. Im a small time gears guy (meaning not so popular in gears community) but ONE of the biggest reasons people stopped playing or limited there time playing is because when the whole squad saddles up the lancer and go guns blazing (whether you push or not) and then its just a stalemate cause nobody wants to move. Take that craps outta ranked and make it like free for all and 2v2. Im a diamond 3 in FFA (probably because its dominantly gnashers). You can say all ya want about the lancers but this is not call if duty or them other assault rifle games, when i 1st started playing multiplayer in gow 3 I was getting my behind WHIPPED but it was FUN. Then gow 4 came out and was even more excited because the opposing team introduced me to wallbouncing so now i was determined to get better. The lancer is destroying the gears RANKED community. Imma still keep playing but good luck tryna bring in some new people


If anything the lancer will bring in new people because theyā€™re used to that type of gunplay. But if the lancer is bad in this game itā€™s more than likely T.C. fault for the poor weapon balancing and map design.

The increased movement has caused most maps, even Legacy ones, to get way bigger to compensate for the walls sliding and such. Just look at blood drive in gears 2 and 3 compared to 4-5 theyre minuscule compared them. It makes it way easier to cross now

The weapons are so poorly balanced that in 4 instead of fixing the hammerburst properly and tuning the retro to be more fair they removed both from the loadout slot and gave you the lancer. I have not seen ANYONE pick up a hammerburst on all fathers (which sucks because its amazing and itā€™s literally right at spawn) and I dont think thereā€™s a single map with a retro spawn. To my memory anyway maybe bunker? Idk I dropped gears recently til OP 5.

God just tune the weapons back to gears 3 they ā– ā– ā– ā– ā– ā– ā–  slapped people but at least it was fun

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What is the problem?
lancer is just a weapon that everyone can use


If youā€™re playing tdm people just suck.

Tdm is the worst right now. Absolute garbage headache of a mode. People will camp random places while you fight for power.

Itā€™s atrocious. & I have like 30 days on tdm.

Absolutely Disgusting I will never play tdm willingly. Ever never ever. Absolute garbage.

As for king I like it now since I can bring people in the game that I can coordinate with.

Lancers is all about coordination. No coordination then it shouldnā€™t be that bad. But a coordination lancer is terrible. You just have to pick them off one by one.

Everybody here has valid points about the lancer but eeeeeverytime me and 2 or 3 of my friends link up it s always people just sitting around waiting for us to move and since waiting 3 or 4 minutes gets boring one or more of us just rushes out there cause of the boredom

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Lancer is the main gun in gears. functional and expectable, it will always be here to stay.

Your mistake is expecting fun in a rank match and teaming up in a ranked match. Ranked matches, in these days, are just not suited for fun, but serious competitive gameplay. If you want fun, donā€™t play ranked games.
Teaming up is a great way to build up companionships and to overcome your own limit with the help from people you love and trust. That being said, it can be fun and will be fun if it can achieve itā€™s overall goal, but when it comes to fighting another group, It will always spiral into a complex situation. Be it winners or losers, both sides will see their flaws and will act according to feeling as provoked to not being the best when they actually are. However, adding group synthesis along with competitive individuals in a serious mode such as ranked matches will equal a complete ā– ā– ā– ā– ā– ā– ā–  disaster!

War is hell, be it real or simulated. And when it comes to winning the battle, everything counts. Which is where the mind tricks your emotions and your very conscience to act without thinking, which comes accordingly to when challenged by heavily stressed situations such as winning a simple game under intense regulations. This is what the Rank mode represents in this era of gaming, yet a lot of people donā€™t think about it and only think about the true meaning of games, which is to have fun by all means, is what always lead to post such as this.

You must understand new person I have never met until now that in order to feel the best feelings from a game Such as this, you must choose one or the other! Or become inhuman to achieve both! Do you choose merit or fun for your friends? Or will you all sacrifice your principles as a decent human in order to achieve both, losing your humanity for something that you do not understand for the momentum feeling of pride?

In my opinion, it would be best if you and your friends played non ranked games Or the PVE game modes due to the heavy fact that ranked in this game just isnā€™t worth dealing with people who did give themselves up from being decent just to win in a game that will eventually be buried by its successors.

You donā€™t have to take my advice if you donā€™t want to, but it might help you out in some kind of way. Anyways, Iā€™ll see myself away for now since this is a huge comment and I hope to hear something positive from you.


Lancers are supposed to be used as a support weapon, not as a main weapon. The gnasher is what put gears multiplayer on the map because of how the game is designed, it was meant to seperate itself from the call of dutyā€™s and the battlefields and what not. When you Do TOOOOO much of something it ends up being bad for you no matter how good it may be for you, like when u over eat, or drink to much water, or in this particular case over lancer. The game was balanced when I 1st started playing but now that most of you guys think 5 guys lancering is ā€œcompetitiveā€ then I see whats wrong with the gears community and why its constantly declining. It should always be a balance but since im not ā€œcompetitiveā€ I guess i will just keep taking my hot Lā€™s lol


Personally I think the damage could be less and the accuracy a little tighter, umm kinda like idk, what was it? Oh yeah! The one we had in 4!


Smoke, flank, power weapons, double team.
All good strategies against a posted rifle man

If you truly believe the only weapon should be a gnasher, gears shouldnā€™t be your game since its a shooter. Maybe something with a sword would suffice your in your face only style of game. Not much range on a sword!


You act like a gnasher isnt a gun that shoots lol. I notice how almost all of you guys who responded are talking about lancers like it isnt being abused. The lancer is not the star of gears, its always been the gnasher. I know this because noooooooo other shooter plays anything like gears. Pubg, fortnight, call of duty all are similar because the dominant guns is rifles. When you guys defend the lancer like its the star of the game like i said before then this is the problem with gears and this is why it wont be a great a game like it used to be

Gnashers are being abused! A one shot kill from a load out weapon shouldnā€™t exist. It is the easiest way to kill someone, numbers for gnasher kills will always superceed any other weapon.


@Squigtheknight first, for the record, I always pick up the hammerburst on allfathers(one of my favorite maps). Secondly, tons of maps have the retro. Dam has them in the pickup truck beds. They are in Reactor. They are in checkout. They are in bunker. I know a few moreā€¦but anywaysā€¦the recoil on it for me makes it not much fun to use. Just like the enforcer.
Yes, Lancer crossing is annoying. But its a problem created by crybabies that cant stand change in this game. Because map design for 5 was done with a strong flashbang in play as a load out item. But then everyone cried about the flashbangs(I didntā€¦I liked them as I did a lot of the dirty work breaking capped hills) so TC removed them. So then you were left with maps that had lots of open space that had to. E traversed with no cover, and no real good way to stun or severely impede the enemy team so that you could close ground on them and push with gnashers. People say smokes still do this fine, but they dont. A competent team of vets simply marks you, thus being able to track you with tac coms through the smoke. Almost no difference being in the smoke or out of it. They just cut you down. I know TC added the flashbang back, but its a neutered worthless piece of junk. Also, stack are a big issue. 4 and 5:stacks that have been playing Gears a long time know ring rotations by heart(TC should randomize ring rotationsā€¦but they wont) and know the maps by heart honestly. They know where to set up Lancer crossing, and are usually set up well before the ring moves. This is a huge problem with randoms going against 4 and 5 stacks. I guarantee their are 4 and 5 stacks that could play foundation blindfolded and win. The way to fix that is to make Ranked(and ranked only) a 2 person party per team limit. But anytime you say that all the stacks start spewing hatred. Insisting that its for the love of their teammates that they play. Not to maintain a stranglehold on the upper tiers of ranked. Which is always held by pretty much 4 and 5:stacks. So you see, its a problem bigger than the Lancer itself. Like others have said, its a weapon that everyone has themselves. Just use it.
Lastly, you must have ping somewhere between 40 and 75 to be able to ascend to Diamond in FFA. I cant play ffa competitively fairly with my 1 gig fiber connection and my 11ms ping. I die so often to lag comp assisted players. My gun comes out, muzzle flashes, pellets right to my opponents faceā€¦then boomā€¦im dead. No animation of any type from my opponent. No gunā€¦no muzzle flash. No pelletsā€¦ just dead. .

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Once again. Im not crying about the lancer itself but for the love of all humanity its the ABUSE of the lancer that is upsetting me and half of the gears community, I understand its not a gnasher only game but how is their supposed to be a balance in the game when as soon as u step into gold ranked almost everybody and their momma breaks out
the lancer and setup shop???. I agree with EVERYTHING you said but the lancer situation has to change

Iā€™m guessing they biggest problem is during Koth matches? That mode doesnā€™t suit gears on my opinion. But I long gone are the days of warzone

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And whatā€™s stopping you from doing the same thing?

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The simple fact that im not a monkey see monkey do kinda person. I lancer when I need to help my team, not because I wanna sit and camp

Ok people, letā€™s make this a gnasher fest because the OP said, after a research, ā€˜half of community is upset with Lancersā€™.

Why not call it ā€œGnashers 5ā€?

Oww what a joy!


Typical response from a Lancer person. You are acting like itā€™scalled Lancer of War lol

I use both weapons.

Your statement doesnā€™t make ANY SENSE.

Actually this thread should be closed. Itā€™s uttering nonsense.


What is up with all u lancer complainers. Play the game use it if u need to and not if u donā€™t. Gears is not just about crazy shotgun battles. Without the the lancer putting pressure on someone for a flank wouldnā€™t be viable, u canā€™t do it with just a shotgun. This is the way it s meant to be played.