Lancers Lancers LANCERS! Getting old!

Each day it seems more and more people are using the lancer, solely. Some maps, especially district, are unflankable because of how strong these freaking lancers are. Theyre making the game so frustrating for more aggressive players. I see “Nerf the Lancer!” EVERYWHERE! People on the forums, twitter, other social media and streams are constantly asking for a lancer nerf. Its downs so freaking fast and it completely ruins gnasher battles. Literally one bullet from a lancer puts me in a huge disadvantage when I’m gnasher battling somebody. Its range, accuracy and damage are all ludacris and on top of that, it has Active effects that break it even more. Just TRY a huge nerf, just test how the community responds to a much weaker lancer. Recently I’ve been getting off way earlier than usual because I’m facing nonstop full crossing teams and it’s just not fun. Been playing gears forever, diamond throughout gears 4, and masters in this one (before and after the reset) and I’ve never hated the lancer as much as I do now. Please like if you agree it needs to be nerfed! (Not useless, just toned down a good bit)


Lancer play is pretty fun. Everyone wall bouncing shottys is boring.


i don’t think TC will nerf the lancer. they intentionally made it the way it is and built the new maps to attract new players. new players trying out gears for the first time notice their rifle does nothing (gears 1-4) and have too use the gnasher to compete, so they give up. because, if you are playing guys that have been using the gnasher for 10 years, good luck.



The title instantly made me think about this lol…but I agree it needs nerfed in some degree

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Because chainsaw.

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Translation: “camping is fun, requiring skill sucks.”

I too have played Call of Duty

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Sadly, I think you’re right. Looks like we’ll just have to evolve our play style and accept the fact that the 13 years we’ve spent honing our CQC skills were a waste of time.

I can see both sides, I suppose. I used to try to get friends into Gears back in the day, and 99% of them would say it was just wayy too hard in MP - the skill gap was enormous. That was kind of the point, though. I liked the feeling that if I am an elite player, facing down 4 average players, they had a very slim chance of defeating me, even 1v4.

In the more recent versions of the game, that skill gap has been steadily evened out. That’s great for players newer to the franchise and for the sustainability of the franchise, but us “old school” players feel the sense that all of the work put in was for nothing.

Even still though, the Gnasher is a huge part of gameplay - it makes up about 75% of my total kills, so it does still carry heavy importance. But gone are the days of rushing in to take out multiple people. The support fire is just too strong now to play that way and carry a high rate of success.

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Just made this. Enjoy =)


Lancer play can be found in every single multiplayer shooter, wallbouncing with gnasher is EXCLUSIVE to gears of war. If you see it as boring, than you’re playing the wrong game. I want lancers to viable, but not broken as I believe they are now


It’s a starting weapon, the weapon of the franchise. Just use it and have fun.

Read the latest news. The Lancer’s tuning is being tweaked.

Oh, don’t be so coy! ALL THE MAPS

Then TC defends that they are not made for exclusive lancer play.

I ask, why did they scrap the feedback and change they made with Lift and LIft Apex? This is extremely important and haven’t seen a single soul mention it.

In Gears 4, they said that LIft was indeed to open for rifle play so they made the changes and created LIft Apex.

They couldn’t bring that type of idea to Gears 5? They did NOT wan to.

Can’t have a button on the outside of those long rooms on District to cut off that unlimited lancer view by having a window/cover pop up?


I agree to an extent but can we also agree that Gears 5 is not a properly designed game?

People HATE the rifle play, right? Absolutely despise it, right?

Then how come people say Gears 4 was better? I’d go 80 kills 60 downs in KOTH - Gnasher AND Lancer.

People then hate Gears 3, right? Oh…interesting.