Lancer vs shotgun update {even exchange kill}

a lancer chainsaw and a shotgun one shot should never be a even exchange its either or …this must be fix …also one shot down shouldnt be allowed from far range

I’m confused…are you saying the Chainsaw itself is beating your shotgun or the lancer itself… both sound pretty far fetched to be honest. Never have an issue with either, and that long range you are probably feeling is an active reloaded shot.

no… one shot shotgun down from far distance and being chainsawed but hitting the one shot kill with your shotgun shouldnt be an even exchange of kills is what i meant

I’ve experienced it, chainsaw kills Gnasher user, Gnasher kills chainsaw user.
A kill exchanged.
Also, why should the chainsaw not exchange with Gnasher?
Both are possibly insta-killing each other.
Should you really be complaining about it, when it’s a pretty rare occasion?
Could often happen in smoke-screened Rings of King of the Hill.
Even Overkill could trade with Gnasher.
Sawed-Off used to trade with Gnasher.
Grenade and Gnasher exchange with eachother… kinda.
Retro charge could exchange with Gnasher.

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because if u hit the one shot kill how do u also get chainsawed??

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Ohhhh I understand now, Yes I have had a Chainsaw/Gnasher trade… Thank you for the clarification.

Trading is normal considering they are both Insta Killers


The same way lag compensation works.
Why would Gnasher exchange with Gnasher in first place?
One player is slightly delaying, probably has higher ping.

shot for shot is ok shot for chainsaw or retro charge shouldnt exist

I see where his argument is coming from.

If two players pull the trigger at the same time the bullet goes off regardless.

If the Gnasher goes off and does an instakill how does a Chainsaw, which takes human force to use, kill the user?

Real life definitely doesn’t fit in here but it is frustrating regardless of that.Especially because if I get hit by a bullet my guy always drops the animation but these players walk right through bullets without the animation stopping. So frustrating.

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I agree with you but since kill trading is like soooooo important in this game the exchange between a shotty and a chainsaw is there regardless of human force. But I’m with you its insanely frustrating.


Because you are getting chainsawed?

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Every single time i use the chainsaw or i see someone else use the chainsaw its ALWAYS a kill trade where both players just explode and i hear the sound of the chainsaw…it’s honestly laughable how often this happens and it’s not fixed

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I’ve had a couple of exchanges like this. I get a chainsaw kill, but I get gibbed by a gnasher at the same time. What is weird about it is the kill I get says I do 96% when it happens.

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if im gettin chainsawed there no way i should be able to shoot…if i shoot and hit my one shot with my shotgun i shouldnt be chain sawed there are no even exchange with that