Lancer Tuning and Aim Adhesion Reduction going live tomorrow 10/31

Is it live yet?

How the lancer feel now?

Its live and its glorious!


Lol, relative to what? GoW4 or G5 launch?

They give us absolute CRAP, and then take 25% of the crap away… Is it great, or is it just great compared to what it was 5h ago?

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Wich is your ping mate? 20? So stop telling to us how good you are in this game when you are shooting people with 150

Great to what it was compared to 5 hours ago. Unfortunately the combat is still clunky as hell so up in your face play is still irrelevant. Also I am noticing a lot of people exploiting geometry and shooting through things. They need to do a pass of these maps it’s far too common.


I’ve said it a few times already, but I still don’t think the Lancer is an issue… I really think people are conflating map design that favors long-range combat and allows you to peek almost 90 degrees down over cover with an OP Lancer.

I do think some reduction to Lancer power in conjunction with shortening Gnasher gib range and giving it more of a damage falloff would be good, though, given that TC can’t really just design maps that favor CQB and take out the old ones at this point…


Then why did people BASH the Lancer so much if it is not the real problem?

Lol a ping of 20 is a Very RARE sight in this game which should everyone know by now

Because people are toxic cry babies. They are getting killed just as much with no excuse now and people want damage reduction now

You should play with lag anytime in your life and dont tell stupid things, when you have ping 120 try to kill like i you had 20