Lancer nerf incoming! Official tweets from Ryan Cleven!

A lancer update has been designed and approved and i believe is going live Tuesday.

— Ryan Cleven (@nodezero) October 26, 2019

And with that, I’ll most likely start playing again!


I’ll reserve judgement until I see it in action, but I’m cautiously optimistic.


Will the map design change? The nerf is to what exactly? What aspect is being changed?

I don’t think it will make a difference with this gameplay speed, map design, and active reload system.

The lancer will then carry a higher benefit when active reloaded?

The lancer was fine. Aim assist and map design are still flawed and won’t be changed.


Lancer active nerf actually. 20-10%

Is that all they’re doing?

I’m honest surprised you’d expect more. This was a deliberate design choice on their part, they’re only going to reign in back in the smallest of increments.

I think 10% damage reduction with an active is great. But I don’t think that’s all they’re doing.

It only needs a very slight damage reduction. Nothing too much because it’ll render the lancer useless. I’m all for a lancer nerf. But I think they’re making the right choice in going down small increments. Honestly 10 % is a lot.

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So 1 bullet’s worth of a change…

Whoo-hoo, and we were worried they would do something just for show, without any real impact on the underlying cause of the complaints…

Lets wait until Tues

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Make the lancer more useless as it is.

Great, just great.


Very interesting. With the gameplay and map design, i think that the lancer should shoot marshmallows for it to actually make a difference.

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I hope the rifle nerfs don’t become a trend. If it’s just gonna be gnashy snipes then just bring Boxes back to quarantine these people.

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They should decrease the gib range too then.

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Games 100% playable now

I didnt think it needed a nerf at all

It didn’t need much of a nerf tbh, and this is coming from somebody who uses the gnasher 90% of the time. It would’ve been more weird if they would’ve come out and said we’re nerfing it at 90-95% and adding a rubber ducky squeak sound to it when you shoot the gun.

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Well here you go guys and gals! Best news all day


Tell me this is the truth? Tell me you aren’t telling me sweet little lies? My god, the heavens truly have shined down on us today.


Oh it’s true! Check out his twitter!

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Great news. Now let’s nerf the aim assist!

By the way I use lancer plenty myself. Just because some people want a lancer nerf doesn’t mean they hate the weapon.

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